Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some gardening

I have started planting, but the dirt in my backyard is so hard this year that its been much more of a struggle. Here is a picture of Elena dancing in front of the vegetable garden before I planted extra tomato plants.
Since we got a new fence last fall I have been planning on planting flowers over in the area by it. I wasn't able to plant them in raised stone planters as I had planned due to funds for larger stones so instead I just made circles with river stones. I planted Ranunculus and gerber daisies and I can't remember the other flower in this circle. I planted the Ranunculus by bulb and they are finally popping through the ground!
This are little yellow Violas or something like that and in the middle is my dinner plate size purple Dhalia. This is when it just popped from the ground but now the plant is huge! I ended up adding some gladiolas which just came through the ground this week.
And these are all gladiolas with a big pink flower in the middle that I can't remember the name of. These are right after they popped up and are all now about 2 or 3 feet tall.
I also planted a type of strawberries that didn't do anything so I'm going to rip them out and plant more big pretty flowers. I also planted some ground cover so the kids don't dig in this planter anymore. It will be so nice when its all green.And while I'm at it, this is the door that PG&E installed and weather proofed. I feel bad because of all the hard work Marc Hansen and his dad put in to cover up the doggie door but its nice not to have the wind blowing dirt under the door. Plus it has a dead bolt. I love safety!