Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Great Strides

Im not sure how many of you know Shannon Campbell but she has posted a blog about Great Strides for Cystic Fibrosis. Laying in bed at 2:30 I couldnt get my mind off of her and all the trials she has gone through for this disease but I decided that I want to help and I also decided that all of you are going to help too. If you dont know Shannon please click on her link at the side of my page and read her blog. She is one amazing person and I am thankful that she and I were able to become even closer friends last year. She has had two seperate lung transplants and for her second one she was given a lobe by her husband and by her cousin. She is remarkable and I am determined to do my part. There will be a walk for Great Strides on April 12th and I plan on being there. I am also going to donate money to help find a cure. I hope all of you will realize how important this is and help in some small way. To learn more about Shannon and her sister Lindy who also has Cystic Fibrosis please click on the link and help in any way you can.


you can make a donation on Shannon and Lindy's page or on my page at the link below


Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Sunday

Well, we didnt really have any big plans for Easter but we did have a really good time. We just went over to Mom and Dads for some good eatin' and relaxing. We had left overs from Calebs birthday party and Mom made her yummy funeral/easter potatoes. We also had Moms famous jello eggs. I was so stuffed but I couldnt stop eating. Then when Patrick woke up, we decided to let him run around outside. My aunt Wendy came down from Lake Isabella and we got to chat with her for awhile. One of Patricks favorite things is motorcycles, which of course makes his grandpa happy since Dad is motorcycle obsessed. Well Dad decided he needed to wash his motorcycles, or "motor-choo choos as Patrick calls them. So Patrick helped Dad and I got some great pictures. He is also wearing Papa's hat so he looks super cute.
Afterwards, we decided that we wanted to color eggs just so see if the boys would look for easter eggs. Cory Stephanie and Caleb came over and we got the boys some baskets and they started off pretty slow, not so sure what they were supposed to to do but they eventually got the hang of it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pregnancy pic and a little baby news

Alright, so today I went to the doctor for my 4 month checkup. I got to hear the heartbeat again which was much easier to find and very strong . I have yet to gain weight for this whole pregnancy of 4 months and instead have lost weight. My nurse practitioner said not to worry, she will tell me when to worry. I also had my AFP screening test which tells me if the baby has any disabilities such as down syndrome and other things. I hate needles and have to prepare myself before each draw so today I only had about 20 minutes to prepare myself but I handled it relatively well. I guess if I dont want to be poked with needles I need to find out another way to get babies. I do have an appointment next month for my ultrasound so find out what we are having. So I will have to have a survey to see what you all think Im having.
I have a picture of my somewhat growing tummy. I dont look all that happy cause I dont have makeup on. And my hair isnt done.My due date is Sept 2 but I am hoping that the doctor will allow me to schedule a c-section for the week before on August 26 which is surgery day. I would hate to have just gotten out of the hospital for Patrick's birthday on the 5th.On another note, we bought Patrick a little toilet seat to see if we could try and potty train him. He usually tells us when he has to go number two and a few minutes later we see the great pushing face he has acquired. Thats a face we should really capture with the camera. Well Jesus put him on the potty the other night and he wasnt a really big fan so I gave him a day to soak it in. Well the other morning I put him on it for a few minutes and he didnt cry but he kept saying he was all done because he was a little nervous. Well later that day we tried it again for a little longer and finally......HE POOPED IN THE POTTY!!!!!! He hasnt done it since but I made sure to applaud him so he new it was a good thing. I was pretty excited. Much more than he was, probably because I didnt have to change another poopy diaper. I actually have not heard him tell us that he has to poop since, probably because he knows that he will have to go through the whole process again.
And guess what????? Im crafty! Yep, that may not be a very exciting thing to anyone else because it seems that everyone else around me has beautiful gardens, cute home made baby clothes, hair ribbons and home decor that I cannot measure up against. It just doesnt come as so naturally to me as it does to others. So, since we moved into our new condo I have been thinking about what I want to do with the window in my kitchen. Its a nice big window that hangs out over a small gardening area and I really wanted it to look welcoming. So I finally did it. I went to michaels and picked out the perfect arrangement of fake flowers since I cant keep real ones alive. Here is a picture of my masterpiece. I wanted to use our treasures that we got in Hawaii and it all came together.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The camera is fixed!!

Well, I got onto the Canon website and found out that they were going to fix our camera for free. So I sent it to them and got it back 2 weeks later. I am so happy that I have something to take pictures with now. I would be doing something with Patrick and he would do something cute and I would want to take a picture and I would think wheres the camera, but of course it was broken. Now its back and I have been taking advantage.This is a picture that I took of Patrick with his new chair. During the summer we like to sit outside and enjoy the lovely weather but Patrick didnt have anywhere to sit so I was at Target and found this cute chair on sale so I just had to buy it. He loves it. Doesnt he look like he's modeling?

This picture of Patrick at our play date with Jill, Gracie and Lucy. We had planned on going to the park but it was too dang cold. So instead we went to Stephanies place and ate and talked and the kids had a great time playing. The boys were more prone to time outs. I guess they havent caught on to the whole sharing idea yet. Well Gracie decided to stick some crayons in Patricks shirt pocket and I thought it was so funny so I took a picture.I keep telling Jesus that he is playing a little too rough with Patrick. Jesus throws him around a little too much for my taste and I am always afraid that he is going to get hurt. Well this time it turned out I was right. They were playing on the bed and Patrick got too excited and jumped off the bed. Luckily he landed on my pile of pillows and clothes, but he rolled off of the pile and right into the bed frame. He got a pretty good little goose egg on his temple. This picture doesnt really do it justice but it looked pretty nasty.
So now that Patrick has his new cool chair, he likes to drag it around the room and use it for whatever his little heart desires. So I have found him a couple of times like this. I guess this is how he wants to watch tv now. It was pretty funny when I caught him like this last night while we were watching old cartoons.

And last but not least......WE BOUGHT NEW FURNITURE!!!!!!!! Saturday we decided to go to Target and get some stuff like maternity shirts and summer shirts for Patrick. Well since Ashley furniture is right there, we decided to look for some furniture for our front room. Our old apartment was kinda small and didnt have room for a lot of family room furniture. So we donated our big couch to Cory and Stephanie and kept the love seat and these two rocking type chairs that we bought from Bed Bath and Beyond. Well our new place has a lot more space and we dont have very much seating. Well, we found a couch that we just loved and were thinking of buying it. Just then a sales guy came up and said that they are having their anniversary sale and if it bought the couch and love seat he could throw the matching chair in for $63. The chair was originally $379 and we thought that was an amazing deal. We had to take it. We ended up spending $1000 on 3 pieces of great furniture. We couldnt believe it. I found a picture of it online but we wont get it for another couple of weeks.What do you think??? This picture doesnt have the chair but its way comfortable. Im so excited to have more seating and a whole couch I can stretch out on.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

My favorite TV Moments

These are some of my favorite television moments. They bring tears to my eyes. They are just beautiful. The links will take you to Youtube.




I hope these videos work, if not Im sorry.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Patrick Magic

Ok, this is a video of Patrick that I got a few days ago. I have to give some background behind it because if not you will be completely confused. There is this show that Patrick watches in the morning called super readers. At the end of the show the characters do a dance where they shake their fisted hands back and forth and sing a song. Patrick thinks the whole thing is great. He does the little dance and at the end he yells hooray and claps his hands. So I decided to get a video of the whole thing since it is so funny. So the other day I got out the camera and this is Patricks reaction of me trying to record his dance.