Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Elena is drawing and her first scary movie

We wanted to watch the Jim Carey A Christmas Carol and had no idea it would be so terrifying. Elena wanted to keep watching but she watched it like this.
She has also started drawing a lot. She is drawing people which Patrick didn't really do until right before he turned 5. He doesn't like drawing all that much but thats ok because he loves tons of other things.

Thanksgiving Family pictures

We took family pictures while in St George with Sara's nice camera and her new tripod. Pretty good for no photographer right?

St George Thanksgiving

We went to St. George for Thanksgiving. One last hoorah for the Randalls before we go to Texas. It was a lot of fun. We went to the park.

Sara enjoyed the slide
Jesús showed us how strong he is.
We visited the Cluffs
We are excited to see new baby boy Cluff as soon as he makes his arrival.

We enjoyed the beautiful sunsets
We went to the rec center and enjoyed the water area. The kids actually loved it and were pooped afterwards.
We had so much fun except for Elena throwing up randomly throughout the week and on the drive home in the IHOP. I'll miss so many Randall holidays but I look forward to Moreno ones and will appreciate the times I do see my family even more.

First Hair cut

The other day while combing Elena's hair, I found a huge rats nest underneath. I decided it was finally time to cut her hair after 3 years. It was so sad and I wish I had done some research first because I just took her to the Fantastic Sams that we used to go to when we were little. The lady was very short with us and didn't wash her hair or style it when she was done. She trimmed her hair for maybe 3 minutes then charged us 12$ and expected a tip. Yeah, that did not happen.
She did look super cute afterwards though.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Neville Thanksgiving

The Nevilles had a little Thanksgiving get together and I was so happy that we got to see our friends before we left for Texas. I made sure to get pictures with who I could.
The lovely Larissa,I'm so glad I got to know her!!! She is the kindest sweetest person ever!!! No joke. And I can't wait to meet the most gorgeous baby ever!
Happy Pregnant ladies
Elena and Aston sharing the tricycle
Desi is one of my new favorite people. I have heard everyone talk about what a great realtor she is but I had no clue how awesome and funny she is. I'm totally gonna miss her.
I call this shot the Ghirardelli picture because as we were taking the picture, Jesús tossed a Ghirardelli square into the frame and it was caught in mid air. Its awesome. Plus Marci is also in this picture which makes even more awesome. I am really going to miss her, I'm so glad I got to know her while serving with her in the Primary.
And Tyler. I have known Tyler my entire life. Funny story; when my Mom was pregnant with me and actually having me, my Dad was in a play called, Dont Count Your Chickens Before They Cry Wolf. My Dad was in the play with Tylers mom who was actually pregnant with him. Funny huh? Any way, I'm going to miss Tyler too, I'm glad we got to grow up together and get married at the same time and have kids at the same time. Maybe he and Katy should move to Texas??;)

November 16th, I turned 30. Yikes.

Yes I turned 30, not much different than 29 except my body feels old. It makes me want to exercise more. I went to lunch with my Mom and Elena and then my Mom surprised me and told me that Stephanie had scheduled an appointment with my hairdresser and I was getting my hair cut! yay! It had been a year and a hair cut was just what I needed. It was a good day.
This was my favorite part about breakfast, a pumpkin muffin.
Jesus made me this wonderful cake, I love him.

Catching up: A day at the park in October

We decided that we all needed to get out and enjoy some time outdoors even though it was chilly. We made some sandwiches and went to heartpark and had a picnic and then played on the toys.

Elena loves to go high on the swings, so high she almost flips upside down.
Patrick likes to go low on the swings
Then we went over to watch the peacocks

We walked a little down by the river then we drove over to see the ducks and the geese

It was a fun day and everyone loved getting out and walking around.

Monday, December 12, 2011

I have to post this before I finsish updating

WE'RE IN TEXAS!!!!!!! I know! Crazy right?! Jesús got a job and we had less than 30 days to pack it up and haul it all to Texas! We found a great apartment in Carrollton which is close to his family and close enough to his work without living in the city. So far we have spent everyday with his family except for today. I will post more after I get caught up but I wanted to get this on here. Tomorrow I will register Patrick for school, I hope he does ok.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Dressed in their best

The Sunday the kids wore their new/old clothes from Small change, I decided to take pictures of them.

I hope they call me on a mission

I went looking for a dress for Elena and sweater for Patrick at the Small Change store and I found this Van Huessen pinstriped suit for Patrick for 8$!!!! I was in total shock and couldn't pass it up. I found him some black shoes for 5 dollars and he was so excited that they were lace up shoes. He had to try it on when I brought it home. He said he looked like a missionary.

Kitchen helpers

I have recently discovered that Elena loves to wash dishes. Who knew? It keeps her busy and happy while I do other things and it teaches her to love washing dishes. Maybe I will never have to wash them again.

The kids wanted to make cookies with me so we could take them to the missionaries and Gabbitas family. They were very helpful and it was a lot of fun. I need to have them help me more.