Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Neville Thanksgiving

The Nevilles had a little Thanksgiving get together and I was so happy that we got to see our friends before we left for Texas. I made sure to get pictures with who I could.
The lovely Larissa,I'm so glad I got to know her!!! She is the kindest sweetest person ever!!! No joke. And I can't wait to meet the most gorgeous baby ever!
Happy Pregnant ladies
Elena and Aston sharing the tricycle
Desi is one of my new favorite people. I have heard everyone talk about what a great realtor she is but I had no clue how awesome and funny she is. I'm totally gonna miss her.
I call this shot the Ghirardelli picture because as we were taking the picture, Jesús tossed a Ghirardelli square into the frame and it was caught in mid air. Its awesome. Plus Marci is also in this picture which makes even more awesome. I am really going to miss her, I'm so glad I got to know her while serving with her in the Primary.
And Tyler. I have known Tyler my entire life. Funny story; when my Mom was pregnant with me and actually having me, my Dad was in a play called, Dont Count Your Chickens Before They Cry Wolf. My Dad was in the play with Tylers mom who was actually pregnant with him. Funny huh? Any way, I'm going to miss Tyler too, I'm glad we got to grow up together and get married at the same time and have kids at the same time. Maybe he and Katy should move to Texas??;)