Monday, June 28, 2010

A fence

We have one. That seems like such a simple thing, but to us, its amazing. We have been looking at this since we moved it.Then one day when Marc Hansen got here with his marvelous brothers and dad this is what we saw
Now we can look at this
Its beautiful

5 years ago

I married the man I love for time and all Eternity. Times have been good and times have been bad but still I wouldnt trade them for the world.
I love you Jesús.
(This is the ring ceremony my Dad performed since he wasnt able to be in the temple with us)

This is a picture of us the December after we were married on a beach in Hawaii
We went to lunch and a movie to celebrate

Happy Birthday Mom

My Moms birthday was this past week. We went out to dinner on Saturday when everyone was more available but we wanted to do something fun on her birthday.

We bought rainbow Smiths cookies to eat and cut a hole in the middle for a candle.
Mom modeled her new apron that Aunt Patty made her.
Elena had about 2 bites of her cookie and was done. I didnt complain, I enjoy my childrens leftovers.
Then we went outside for popsicles
We love Grandma and we hope she had the best birthday ever!
To see just how amazing my Mom is go HERE

We got a new camera

Here are some test shots of some cute kids I found around my house.

She's got style

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Killed 7 flies with one blow

Or more like killed hundreds of flies with one big ol' can of Raid!!!!
Ok so the other morning I woke up and went down stairs into the family room and this is what I found when I turned the light on. I thought "Now that is an awful lot of flies" So I went to grab the fly swatter. I had already killed ten or more the night before. As I walked back down stairs I saw a bunch on the other side of the window as well. So I opened the blinds and there were hundreds on the window. I almost threw up. It was the dirtiest thing I have ever seen. I closed the quarantined the family room and looked up how to kill a bunch of flies. One trick was to take a milk carton and add syrup and vinegar and punch some holes and let them kill themselves. I got about 3 that way. So then I headed out to Smart and Final to see what I could find there. I found a big can of Fly Raid and went home to start killing. I kept the door closed to the family room and turned the fans on and started spraying.

This was the result.

This is a scan along the sliding glass door. See how many??? It made me sick everytime I went down there. I was doing this for the next 3 days. Finally Jesus opened up the sliding glass door and we found where they had been hatching. In the track of the door. The weekend of Memorial day we didnt get our trash to the street in time for it to be emptied so it was really full from our bbq and we had to set our trash bags on the ground and we got a lot of flies. Well they must had laid eggs in the door and they all hatched at the same time. Nasty. We wont forget to take our trash out anymore!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Green Thumb?

About a month ago my garden started to bloom both vegetables and flowers. In my front planter my Lilies bloomed. I waked outside to see these huge lilies and a yelled for Jesús. He thought something was wrong but I showed him my beautiful flowers.
My Hydrangea also bloomed. I love the color. My moms were light pink and mine were this deep pink almost purple.
My Basil is now exploding! I planted it by seed and it was in a pot with some other herbs and I think they were too crowded. I replanted them and immediately they got huge.
This was my very first yellow squash. It was very tasty and quite large.
This was my second tomato. I ate the first one as soon as I picked it and it was the best tasting tomato I have ever had. I love having them right outside to pick and eat.
My blue berry leaves turned red and I was worried that it was going to die. I called into a radio program that deals with plants and giving all the answers to questions was the guy that owns White forest nursery. He told me that my squash had fungus and that my blue berries were hungry. I waited a few weeks and my squash finally started surviving which is why the picture on top was so exciting, and I fertilized my blue berries and the leaves turned green again, unfortunately there isnt any fruit yet.

My tomatoes are amazing, I cant believe how many there are on both plants.
I even have 3 green peppers. I went outside today and one is turning red. I cant wait to pick it and eat it.
This is the only green zucchini I have. I think the others got fungus from the yellow squash and I have been hoping that I get some more. I did see a small one on there today, I hope it makes it.

I love enjoying the fruits of my labors. I have already made some pretty yummy food with it and the kids love picking the tomatoes, even though they may not be red yet. Any one for fried green tomatoes????

The kids wanted to play outside

When I went out a few minutes later this is what I found. Patrick was whining because there was mud on his nose and he wanted me to wipe it off.
My little mud bather.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Casa De Mustachio twenty ten

Since Sara was in town she wanted to go to the Mustache party with me. Jesús went early to set up and Sara and I showed up fashionably late.Our gracious host
Sara and I sat on the bus and we people watched, it was fun
I didnt know the other theme to the party was Jimmy's butt, but looking back at most of the pictures from that night there seemed to be a fascination with it.
Sara and I sat on the bus and watched a movie while one of the bands played
Ummmm yeah......
The best mustaches there. The were glow-in-the-dark.
He did something that made me mad, can you tell?
Ignore my big butt
Yeah, we're bad

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sara came to town

Mom and I took the kids to the Long Beach Airport to pick up Sara. We haven't been to the beach in a long time and I thought the kids would really enjoy it. Jesús wasn't able to come and we missed him. It was a good ride except for when Elena threw up the hundreds of blue berries she had been eating right as we were coming down the grape vine. I think she might have been carsick.
Patrick was checking out the baggage claim to make sure it was working.

Then we met my brother Ben in Long Beach and headed to Wahoo's for some yummy fish and shrimp tacos
This picture was really funny at the time because I told Patrick to say cheese and he said "I'm eating!!!!!" I got a picture right in the middle of his statement.
Elena was just being adorable and eating ketchup, gross.
Bens actually smiling. Its a miracle.
Then we headed to the beach to enjoy the sun, sand and waves. Patrick loved the water and played in the waves the whole time. Ben stood with him and held his hand so the water wouldn't knock him down.The water scared Elena a little and she just wanted to play in the sand.

Patrick did actually take a break for a few minutes but then he got right back in.
Grandma and Elena played in the sand for while
Elena and I made sand turtles
Elena looked like drunk person every time she tried to walk in the sand.
Sara and I soaked up a little sun
Mom brought a kite that went directly into the sky so she just tied it to a chair and let it fly.
These turtles must have just hatched and were making their way back to the ocean.