Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Green Thumb?

About a month ago my garden started to bloom both vegetables and flowers. In my front planter my Lilies bloomed. I waked outside to see these huge lilies and a yelled for Jesús. He thought something was wrong but I showed him my beautiful flowers.
My Hydrangea also bloomed. I love the color. My moms were light pink and mine were this deep pink almost purple.
My Basil is now exploding! I planted it by seed and it was in a pot with some other herbs and I think they were too crowded. I replanted them and immediately they got huge.
This was my very first yellow squash. It was very tasty and quite large.
This was my second tomato. I ate the first one as soon as I picked it and it was the best tasting tomato I have ever had. I love having them right outside to pick and eat.
My blue berry leaves turned red and I was worried that it was going to die. I called into a radio program that deals with plants and giving all the answers to questions was the guy that owns White forest nursery. He told me that my squash had fungus and that my blue berries were hungry. I waited a few weeks and my squash finally started surviving which is why the picture on top was so exciting, and I fertilized my blue berries and the leaves turned green again, unfortunately there isnt any fruit yet.

My tomatoes are amazing, I cant believe how many there are on both plants.
I even have 3 green peppers. I went outside today and one is turning red. I cant wait to pick it and eat it.
This is the only green zucchini I have. I think the others got fungus from the yellow squash and I have been hoping that I get some more. I did see a small one on there today, I hope it makes it.

I love enjoying the fruits of my labors. I have already made some pretty yummy food with it and the kids love picking the tomatoes, even though they may not be red yet. Any one for fried green tomatoes????


Carla said...

There is NOTHING better than fresh tomatoes. (Except maybe fresh strawberries?) This post made me hungry!! I hope your zucchini becomes plentiful so you can make me some zucchini bread ;)