Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Time

I was sick a few weeks ago, really sick, but when I started to feel better, I decided it was time to put the Christmas stuff up. I could only do it for about an hour and a half before I lost all my energy.

Jesús decided we needed a bigger tree, so we donated ours to my sister and her apartment and he found one on sale. Its a little bigger and pre-lit so it was nice not to have to string it with lights. Although, I do miss the process a little bit.
The kids enjoyed riding the old Christmas tree until it was time to put the decorations on the new one.
I love the look of the front room all decorated. Our new fireplace screen adds a more homey feel to it and the stockings were truly hunt by the chimney with care.

New Camera

When I was getting my hair cut, I wanted Patrick to take a picture of my hair before it was cut and well.....he dropped and broke the camera. Whoops. So we ended up getting a good deal on a really good camera from Target on Black Friday. This is the first picture I took. The picture is looking up because I was taking a picture from bed when I was sick.

Locks of Love

I was getting a little tired of my long hair. It was getting tangled underneath by my neck when I would leave it down. It took forever to brush it and dry it and style it. So I decided to donate my hair to locks of love. I miss my long hair but it's so nice not to be doing my hair for hours.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Jesus had meetings in Pasadena in early November so my mom watched the kids for the night while we spent the night in Old Town Pasadena. We went out to eat at this amazing Thai restaurant that was right next to our hotel and then we walked around to check out all the little stores and get some pumpkin and chocolate ice cream. Yum! The next day Jesús had meetings from 9 till 3 so I wandered around all day and did some shopping. When he was done we headed home, but made sure to stop on the way to Christmas shopping for the kids and get some dinner.

This was the beautiful apartment complex that was attached to the little outdoor shopping center. I would live there.

We stopped at this sandwich place for dinner and their sandwiches were really good. Its in Valencia in the Ross and Marshals parking lot. (cute picture right?)
One of the things I loved the most from our shopping in Pasadena (other than my really cute shoes) was this fruit basket. I have wanted a fruit basket for the longest time (weird I know). But I have been using my plain glass baking and mixing bowls and whenever I need them they are filled with fruit! So now I have a two tier fruit basket! Whoohoo!!!