Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kristin Chenoweth

I heard that Kristin Chenoweth was coming to Bakersfield to perform at the Crystal Palace and I wanted to see her so bad!! A friend on Facebook said that she had reserved her table and that it was free!! I called immediately and got a table reserved for four. Jesús and I and my parents were able to go and see her. She was so funny and cute and I'm so glad we went.

People brought her flowers and some girl made her a necklace. Some one else brought her Dewars chews. Her favorite drink is a grape slushie so she got two of those. It was funny to see her carry all of it off stage. I read on Twitter later that she loved the Dewars chews.
My cute parents
Me and my hot date!
My best friend from Highschool works at the Crystal Palace and we never see each other anymore. Well guess who our waitress was??!! Yep! Stephanie was. We got a picture for old times sake.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Meet Cheddar

We were very sad when we went outside the morning after we got home from Utah to find our duck Louie missing from the back yard and a hole under the fence. We're not sure if the dogs behind us ate him or what. We figured we were done with pets (besides our hamsters which are mysteriously still alive even though we don't give them much attention anymore.) Trish Neville told us that her sister had found a cat and her kittens and they were looking for good homes to go to. Jesús and I don't have a good track record with cats. We've had two since we were engaged and both of them didn't work out. I figured of all people, we should not get a cat. Well we decided that the kids would love a cat and it would be fun so we said yes. That afternoon Trish and her sister Melissa and her two kids delivered the kitten along with all the things a kitten would need.

She made herself at home rather quickly. She sleeps on my pillow above my head and occasionally under the sheets by my feet. She is constantly tortured by the kids especially Elena but we keep saving her. I hope she survives Elena.
She is of course a kitten and rather playful and so we all have lots of scratches and scabs from her sharp kitten claws but we only have to endure that till November when she gets declawed.

Even though they are leaving

We were excited to get some of the things the Cola's were getting rid of to make their move easier. Elena got probably ten dress up dresses and other things. This is how she dressed up when we got them. Patrick grabbed a couple of small things out the bag but he was mostly excited about these sunglasses.

The 4th of July

This year we were sort of undecided on how we wanted to celebrate the 4th. My family always does a BBQ and swims and then Rio Bravo does a good firework show up the street so we walk onto the golf course and watch it. But we wanted to spend time with the Colas since they aren't going to be here for much longer. So we went to our ward breakfast and then Jesús went rafting. I took the kids over to my Moms to swim and the Randalls came from Porterville. Then guess who showed up? The Colas! Stephanie had talked them into coming and swimming at Moms house. We swam and talked and then had a little lunch BBQ. Jesús finished up rafting and came over. Then we went over to Randy's sister's house for more food and swimming and fireworks. I was sad that I didn't get to see a big firework show this year, I can't believe BC doesn't do it anymore. Not cool.Yeah they put fireworks in the mailbox
I bought somewhere around 100 sparklers or so it seemed. They were never ending.
At first Elena was scared of the fireworks and didn't like the sound but her fear was short lived.
Most of the pictures I took of Patrick were blurry because he was constantly moving but I did get these two of him with a sparkler and drinking his Cowboy Kaboom Soda(thats what he calls cactus cooler, we're not sure why or where he got that name) while making friends with Ashlynn.
Elena wanted sparkler after sparkler
Amber and I got bored of watching fireworks and started taking pictures of ourselves
Then she did a cartwheel with sparklers in each hand. Isn't she talented?

Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Scaredy Fish

I signed Patrick up for swimming lessons this summer because I want to feel safe when he's around the pool. He was really scared to start the lessons but as soon as he was in the pool he wasn't scare anymore. These pictures are of his last day and this wasn't his teacher. The teacher he had wasnt as good as this one was. The other girl rarely smiled and she didn't seem to concerned with what all the kids were doing. The teacher he had on his last day was so nice and she kept giving the kids high fives to let them know they were doing a good job.

Even though he had the lessons he is still scared to swim without floaties or a swim noodle. He can do it though, even though he panics occasionally.
Yes Elena is wearing a beanie. I got her dressed and then she wanted to wear this beanie and I decided to pick my battles.