Friday, April 24, 2009

Guess who's sitting up and doing the army crawl

No not Jesús. Elena! She started scooting around about a week and a half ago but she prefers rolling, it seems faster. She can sit up all by herself but when she gets distracted she topples over.
( This was her first bath in Grandma Connie's sink)

P.S. Elena's hair is long enough on top to put little clips in. Very fun. For me.

Look what we found!

This little guy was in our garage. It made my day, Im a reptile kinda girl. I like animals but I like reptiles more. Patrick and I ran to the pet store for some supplies. Luckily its the same kind I had before Jesús and I were married, a Red Eared Slider. Patrick has yet to name it, so far he came up with turtle and juice. Hopefully he will come up with something soon.

So far so good

Well, we have so far replaced 2 of the 3 broken windows. We still need to fix the small back drivers side window and the review mirror. If you look at the bottom right corner of the windshield you can see that a bird has already christened it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Our Priority

We need need need to sell our truck. In creating our budget, I discovered we just cant afford to let it sit all busted up in our parking lot. We are fixing it this week and selling it. Hopefully. Other than the windows we are fixing, its in really good condition. We are selling it for $9500.00 OBO. If you are not in need of a good truck then please tell your friends. The picture of course is what it looked like before the vandalism but after we fix it, it will look like this again. So please spread the news.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Guess what we got.....

Hot summer bods, here we come!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a wonderful Easter. We were all finally feeling well enough to attend church, and the kids have been on antibiotics for a week so the doctor told me they werent contagious. I was worried about Patrick giving Elena whatever he had but she said Elena was fine.

The night before Easter morning we decided to head over to Mom and Dads to watch a movie and color Easter Eggs. It was nice to get out of the house. I really havent wanted to take the kids out just in case they pick up something that makes them worse. Im sick of the sick kids and Im sure they are pretty tired of it too. So we have been avoiding Moms house to prevent further illness and to prevent giving it to anyone else. Patrick got to spend a little time with Caleb while decorating eggs and the movie didnt work out because the boys were having to much fun making noise.Coloring eggs

Easter Sunday we woke up and put on our springy clothes (it was so fun to put Easter clothes on Elena) and headed to church. Afterwards I tried to get pictures of the kids but they didnt really turn out the way I wanted. Patrick had a little Easter egg hunt then we hung out for a while and then headed home.

I love Elena's face in this picture

And I love Patricks face in this picture

These are our attempts at Easter pictures

Easter egg hunt

Sleepy Elena in the car

Bunch of Sickos

Our kids have been sick for over a month now. On off ear infections, coughing, vomiting, fever and no sleep. Patrick has been worse than Elena. Elena hasnt had a fever but she has had everything else. Patrick has had such a bad cough and his glands have been so swollen that you can see them on the outside of his throat. When we went to the doctor last Monday, the doctor said he was fighting some kind of infection. She said his cough was terrible and sounded like he had croup and it looked like he had strep. So she gave him an antibiotic shot and sent us upstairs for a blood draw and a prescription for really strong antibiotics. They next day she said all she could tell so far was that he had an infection and he would need to come back in for another shot. So we drove back across town and after the shot she sent us across the street to get a chest x-ray. We went back this Monday for another blood draw and I am supposed to call today for results hopefully this nasty medicine he is taking will help him. Elena has just had a little phlegmy cough and a runny nose and ear infection and hopefully she will be done with antibiotics for the year. Despite these sickos we have taken some fun pictures to pass the time and to help us forget we have been couped up inside for so long.Surprised face

Silly face

She stayed like this for quite a while loving daddy

Monday, April 6, 2009

New do

All I did was color it myself, a little darker. On a scale of 1 to 10 what do you think?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Drama Drama Drama

Yesterday, I was trying to get Patrick to come lay down so I could change his diaper and instead of obeying, he ran. I tried to catch his arm but missed, and he looked back to laugh and tripped and went right into the corner of my Moms base board. I thought he had just bonked his head but he turned his head and I could see the gash on his cheek. I panicked and picked him up and ran to the kitchen to get a rag and try to control the bleeding. I called Mom and she left everything she had in her cart at the store and ran for the exit. I called Bonnie Phillips next door and she ran right over. I am so thankful to her. I panicked when I shouldnt have. We have never had a bad accident yet so it was new to me. We couldnt tell how deep it was but Bonnie said it didnt look to deep. We cleaned it and put a butterfly bandage on it with a band-aid over that.

Then, today he had a check up at the doctor for a previous ear infection. I had her look at it, and as soon as I took the band-aid off she said "yeah that needs stitches" I was really hoping she was wrong. After further cleaning of the wound she found out it was not as deep as she initially thought and said I had been smart to put the butterfly bandage on because it had already started healing together. She cleaned it with iodine and put steri strips on it to keep it closed while it healed. The hardest part was getting the band-aid off, he did not want us to touch it and cried bloody murder when all we needed to do was such a simple thing. He cried and thrashed while she cleaned it and was shaking the whole time. Poor baby (remind you of anyone Mom?)This was before the butterfly bandage came off. It doesnt look too bad here.

Uncle Disco

Jesús' brother Cisco came to town for a much deserved vacation and we wanted him to come spend the evening with us. He is staying with Roseamber, Jesús' sister, and Jesús had gone over to spend time with them but I wanted to see him. So we made tacos and Chile Rellenos and played a little Rockband. Patrick loved having him here and called him Uncle Disco (when he wasnt calling him Uncle Bastian or Uncle Gabe. He has a lot of uncles to remember). It was a lot of fun. Hopefully we can see him again before he leaves town.