Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FHE on Accident

Since Monday was a Holiday, Jesús went with Randy Cola to play games at a friends house which they do often for some MAN time. But Randy was taking his kids with him so Jesús took Patrick so he could play with Roegan and I took Elena to the Cola's house to work out with Amber and have a yummy lunch at starbucks. I headed home to put Elena down for a nap and Amber went to a dentist appointment and then she dropped by afterwards. While we were hanging out the boys finished playing games and came by to see what was going on and we all ended up watching an old episode of the bachelor and Red Dawn. Maribel, Jason and Mia stopped by for a few minutes to drop off an invitation so we got to chat for a little while. Randy's niece Nikki and her husband Michael decided to hang out with us too. All of a sudden it was a party. We got a bunch of taco bell for dinner and ice cream for shakes.
Amber's enjoying her taco bell a little too much!!! And Nikki I guess didn't want her picture taken.
We all finished our dinner and had a little family home evening lesson on the Holy Ghost then we played Heads up Seven up which I think I played in the 5th grade. It was fun once the kids figured it out though.
The kids played a little while we made milk shakes
Then we all enjoyed them. Yummy!!!!
We ended the night with the new episode of the bachelor while the kids played.
It might have been a FHE party on accident but it was dang fun and I'm glad we all got to hang out.

Sunday girl time

One of the things that I have on my mind a lot since we won't be having any more babies, is that Elena will never have a sister and Patrick will never have a brother. Sometimes it makes my heart hurt. I love my sister and we spent our childhood playing almost non-stop. There was fighting of course but there was more imagination and playing together than anything else. We would set up a whole Barbie house made up of buckets and whatever else we could find. We would pull out every toy we owned until you couldnt see the floor of our bedroom and even though we were confined to our room until it was clean we still had fun making it even more messy, like pulling the mattress off the bed and sliding down it. I'm sad that Elena won't have that sort of relationship with a sister. However she was blessed to have two cousins close to her age. Lucia, Jesús' sisters oldest is about 6 weeks older. And Hannah, Cory and Stephanie's daughter is only 18 days younger than Elena. We watched the girls hold hands and play around the house Sunday evening. It was so sweet and I started to feel a little misty eyed knowing she will have close relationships with these cousins.

Hockey Game and Spidey

We got invited to go to the hockey game by the Nichols this last weekend and we were excited because we haven't been since Elena was just a few months old. I think. Well we got bad news that the Nichols weren't going to be able to go but they were going to give us their tickets so we could go anyway. Well I called up Amber Cola and she and Roegan came along with us. The boys had so much fun and were laughing hysterically 80% of the time. The seats are amazing and right behind the players and right next to the entrance to the locker rooms, and even though you get an occasional whiff of stinky socks you also get to see Colonel Claw'd when he comes to stand by the team. The boys shook his hand through the gate and kept screaming at him until I told them to stop.

One of the biggest reasons we were so excited to go was because we heard Spiderman would be there! During the national anthem, I tried to show Patrick where Spiderman was on the other side of the ice and I guess while we were listening to the girl sing he was looking for him. While it was so quiet he yelled "There's Spiderman!!!" we had a couple people look at us but he was too excited to care. After the first period we went to find Spiderman and get a picture with him. We waited in a ridiculously long line for a whole other period and part of the half time show. But we got pictures with Spiderman which made Patrick and Roegan some pretty happy campers.

While we were waiting for the Zamboni worked its magic on the ice I snapped a picture of the boys. Patrick loves Zambonis and loved watching it.

Elena was there also but could care less about the hockey game and was terrified of anyone in a costume. Soooooo the only picture I got of her smiling was this one with her eyes closed.

Random Pictures

For some reason I was taking pictures of the kids the other day. Probably because they are cute and funny. Patrick wanted to be silly and Elena wanted to eat lunch in her diaper.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Won't you be my neighbor?

Our neighbor has a little girl about Patricks age and whenever they decide she doesn't play with something or they run out of room for all her stuff, they donate it to us. Elena has loved the stuff they have given us so far. Yesterday they brought over this cute princess castle tent and Elena immediately loved it and moved in her blankets and pillow. She even ate breakfast in it this morning.

She really enjoys being undressed or changing her clothes, hence the shirtless picture.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Once in a blue moon

The whole family was together last weekend! Sara came on Wednesday and Ben and Janae came Saturday morning. We all went to the movies to see Tangled, which was even good a second time.Then the Jesús took our kids home for naps and Ben took Caleb home and the girls went and got pedicures.
On Sunday after Stake Conference we went to Mom and Dads to eat and play.
Mom bought a fun game the kids could play.
Patrick was getting bored when it wasn't his turn so he got to go every other turn
Sara won, you can see why
Then Patrick got tickle tortured
When the Cory Randalls came over we played a card game and then the kids decorated cupcakes
I don't seem to get many pictures of Elena with her eyes open these days.
The kids loved the candy, especially Cory
Sara found her sunglasses, thank goodness.
Elena was a little sick but she was feeling better by that night.
Aren't they cute?
Hannah got a little chocolate frosting on her
And so did Ben
It got a little crazy
Isn't she hot??
Then we played Charades again
Even Dad played, he's good at it too!
Good thing Mom had Dad to help her with the sit ups card!