Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hockey Game and Spidey

We got invited to go to the hockey game by the Nichols this last weekend and we were excited because we haven't been since Elena was just a few months old. I think. Well we got bad news that the Nichols weren't going to be able to go but they were going to give us their tickets so we could go anyway. Well I called up Amber Cola and she and Roegan came along with us. The boys had so much fun and were laughing hysterically 80% of the time. The seats are amazing and right behind the players and right next to the entrance to the locker rooms, and even though you get an occasional whiff of stinky socks you also get to see Colonel Claw'd when he comes to stand by the team. The boys shook his hand through the gate and kept screaming at him until I told them to stop.

One of the biggest reasons we were so excited to go was because we heard Spiderman would be there! During the national anthem, I tried to show Patrick where Spiderman was on the other side of the ice and I guess while we were listening to the girl sing he was looking for him. While it was so quiet he yelled "There's Spiderman!!!" we had a couple people look at us but he was too excited to care. After the first period we went to find Spiderman and get a picture with him. We waited in a ridiculously long line for a whole other period and part of the half time show. But we got pictures with Spiderman which made Patrick and Roegan some pretty happy campers.

While we were waiting for the Zamboni worked its magic on the ice I snapped a picture of the boys. Patrick loves Zambonis and loved watching it.

Elena was there also but could care less about the hockey game and was terrified of anyone in a costume. Soooooo the only picture I got of her smiling was this one with her eyes closed.