Sunday, June 29, 2008

Viva España!!

Today was the finals for the Euro Cup. Spain was playing against Germany and won 1-0. It was very exciting. I have the flu so I wasnt able to watch the whole thing but Patrick and Daddy were with the rest of the family joining in on the fun. I was able to catch the last ten minutes or so and found myself cheering along with the rest of the gang (not so much physically but mentally). I did however see the winning goal that Fernando Torres scored in the 33rd minute. It was pretty amazing and I am proud to be part of Spanish family. Here is a photo of almost the whole family except Nick who was at work, Roxanna and Diego who are in Texas expecting a baby girl any day and Roseamber who is in Bakersfield.And here are some pictures of the game. This was their first major title won in 44 years.It was really funny watching them throwing the coach up into the air. I mean this guy is old. Im surprised he didnt break a few ribs in the process.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Graduation

Tonight Raquel graduated from the Paul Mitchell Beauty School in Provo. It was hard to pay attention because Patrick wanted to run around and yell but it was fun to be there and to celebrate in all that she has accomplished. The guy that spoke said that you have to have 2000 hours of experience to graduate and to be a helicopter pilot you only need 300, so hair is pretty important. Here are a few pictures of Raquel and her friends. Arent they gorgeous???!!!This first picture was the model who's hair she did and showed when they called her name. Isnt her hair great??

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Fun

I've decided to post things as they happen so I dont have so many pictures to upload at one time. Im sure you are all on pins and needles and greatly anticipating my next post of our adventures here in Utah.
Well today I got my hair cut by Jesús's sister Raquel who will be graduating from the Paul Mitchell beauty school tomorrow. We're proud of her and all her hard work. Here is a picture of the finished product.We also picked up Sara and went to the Bean Museum on the BYU campus. My Mom said it would change Patricks life. Im not sure that it did that but it was pretty amazing. I was pretty surprised at all the large animals they had there. I only took a few pictures because we were busy chasing Patrick around.Yup, thats my husband...Um...I took a picture of the zebra because I think they look really cool
And thats my sistaEven Patrick joined in the act of looking scared. He probably was.

Our visit with Sara

Poor little Sara has to move to St. George this Saturday but has been sick since Sunday. She was finally feeling better yesterday so Patrick and I went over to see her last night and watch so you think you can dance.

Here is Patrick and Sara jamming on the guitar

And this ones for Jackie

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Utah post

I figured that I should post some pictures so that I dont end up having one long post. These are pictures from Friday when we left at 4:00 in the afternoon until Tuesday evening. We were hoping that Patrick would only be up for a couple of hours and then sleep the rest of the trip. No such luck. He was awake until 9:30 and then finally fell asleep. He woke up every time we stopped for gas or stretching and would fall asleep again. He did that until our last stop when he started whining in his sleep so we stopped to stretch our legs and get him out of his chair for a few minutes. This was probably 2:30 in the morning. Well we figured he would go back to sleep but after we had been driving for a little while, I turned around to see if he had fallen asleep and all I saw in the dark was his little had waving at me. He didnt cry though he just sat there quietly until we reached Jesús's parents house at 3:40. But when we got there he was very awake and wanted to play with the cat and run around. It took until 4:30 to get unpacked and get him to sleep. So needless to say we were very tired and needed a good nights sleep. Luckily he let us sleep in until 9:00.

Here is a picture from Friday evening when we let Patrick drive for awhile. This was in Baker and it was 109 degrees and gas was $4.89.

Here is a picture of Patrick playing on uncle Gabes drum set out in the garage.

Doesnt he look like he knows what he's doing here??
Patrick loves Paco the kitty and follows him around the house. Paco isnt a big fan of Patricks because Patrick likes pulling his tail and spends a lot of time putting his cat food into the water dish.
Here is Patrick eating Grandpa's apple fritter. He calls Grandpa- papa 'sus (sounds like Dr. Seuss) and he calls Grandma -Ma Shelley. If you notice he has a nice little bruise on his cheek from falling into the corner of a bed or desk or something. It was very ugly the first day.

Here he is laying on the floor with Uncle Nick playing with his cell phone.
On Monday night we all walked to the park for FHE to play a little soccer and play on the toys.

There was this pasture right next to the park with 2 horses and a pony. Here is Patrick cheering for the pony. We dont really know why.

Doesnt he look like a professional soccer player right here? Sunday we watched Spain play in the Euro cup against Italy. Grandpa Jesús is from Spain so it was a very big deal. He and Grandma Shelley wore their red and yellow soccer shirts to support the team and everyone was down stairs watching it on the big screen. Patrick and I took a nap and could hear their cheering and disappointment as they scored goals and missed goals. In the end I could tell that Spain won by happy cheering and screaming. It was really exciting.

Here is Rebecca the second youngest of the family taking Choncho the dog down the slide. He did not want to go.
I decided to take Patrick down the slide and I figured it would be fun for him. I was also afraid my big butt was going to get stuck.
It turns out the opposite happened. The slide practically shot us down and we almost flew off the end. This was my reaction at the end.
I took this random picture because I thought it was funny. This was a bee made out of metal wire with a wasps nest inside the stomach.
Tuesday the 24th was Jesús's and mines 3rd wedding anniversary. We decided that we wanted to make a night of it so we left Patrick with the family and we drove to salt lake. We went to the Gateway and watched The Hulk in this amazing theater. It was an awesome movie. Then we went next door to Tucanos which is a Brazilian BBQ restaurant. They come to the table and serve you all this meat right off the skewers. It was sooooo good. And I got this White Chocolate Raspberry cheesecake. It was divine. I should have taken a picture before I ate it because it was so pretty.

I love you honey and I am so happy to be your wife. I cant wait to spend eternity with you and I love watching our family grow.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quick Post

We are currently in Springville, Utah. We are going to be here until the 5th or 6th visiting family. I do plan on posting some pictures until my camera dies. I only have a few so far so as soon as I have a small collection I will share all the fun we are having with you, my loyal readers.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fathers Day and More

Ok, I feel really bad that I didnt post anything about Fathers Day. For Fathers Day we had originally planned not to get Jesús anything because a couple months before we had bought Mario Kart with the extra controller and that was a lot of money. We originally decided it would be our Mothers Day Fathers Day joint gift, but guess who plays it the most? Yeah, not me. So Jesús went and bought me this beautiful iPod doc alarm clock Well Jesús was thinking that he wasnt going to get anything for Fathers Day but I surprised him. Sunday morning we got up in the morning and started our normal routine of getting ready for church and I didnt make him breakfast or anything because I was tired and had started getting Strep throat and was feeling yucky. After church he had a home teaching appointment so Patrick and I went over to my moms and Jesus took off getting his home teaching done. When he came back I had Patrick drag this huge bag over to him and this is what was inside.
I was crafty and made this apron for Jesus. He loves to cook and his old apron has holes in it so I thought is was time for a new one. So I stenciled the letters and put Patrick's had prints on the pocket.I also got him a small cooler so he could put all the fish he is going to catch inside. He has recently taken up fishing and has a really good time. Im glad he does it because it gets him outside and enjoying the outdoors. I also got him a new butcher knife from a restaurant supply store since our knives from our wedding are dull and sucky now. We made sushi with it the other night. Big hit!
Jesús is a wonderful dad and I am so excited to see him with his daughter in a few months. Patrick loves him and asks where he is every morning.

I also wanted to post some pictures that I pulled off my moms camera. I havent posted any pictures because I still cant find our camera charger and I dont want to use up the battery.Here is Mom and I on Mothers Day. We ordered a beautiful Lei from Hawaii for her to wear for as long as possible until it wilted. She loves getting Lei's from Hawaii and she goes there enough she's practically a native.Here is Patrick and Grandma on Mothers Day. He is doing his version of shaka (if thats how you spell it). These are his new sunglasses that Grandma bought him, he's tells us that he is cute.This picture is of Patrick and I on our trip back from Sara's graduation. It was pretty hot in the motorhome on our way back through the desert and Patrick woke up from his nap pretty scared so I went and layed on the bed with him for about another hour. I like this picture because he never sleeps on us anymore.Here is a picture of our entire family from a couple of weeks ago when Ben and Janae came to see us the same week Sara was here.Here are the original Six and dont worry Cory wasnt high or anything.And here are Patrick and Caleb playing the piano wearing the matching shirts that Aunt Sara bought them.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wanna Truck??

We have decided to sell our truck. I have a new car with room for all of us and Jesús only uses the truck to drive to work and back so we really dont need the two vehicles. The truck is a 2006 Ford Ranger Sport with 25,100 miles and it is a V6 automatic. Its in excellent condition and the bed is lined. There is a crack in the windshield that happened a month after we bought it and we have yet to fix it. The resell price in the Kelly blue book is over 17,000 and we are selling it for 13,000 or best offer. It has everything in it. Power windows, power locks, air conditioning and heater, CD player, Tape player, MP3 player and cruise control. We love it but we dont use it enough to keep it. You can call Jesús if you have any questions about it. His cell is (661) 586-1994. Here is a picture of the truck that I got on line. Its the same color too.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Shannon Royer

I'm not sure you are aware, but Shannon Campbell Royer is in the hospital. It is very serious and she needs all the prayers and fasting that we can offer her. For details on her condition please click on the link on the side of my page. Her husband Paul has posted an updated on her blog to let us know how she is doing and how she is dealing with this new trial. Please fast and pray for her this Sunday along with her family and friends. We want her to know how much we love and appreciate her and all she does for others.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Good Stuff!

Ok, I feel a little guilty about my post saying that I was mad at Patrick for a little mistake that Im sure one year olds do all the time. I of course was mad the whole day and didnt actually laugh about until a day or so later. I still cant believe he did it though. Well I decided to post some cute stuff about Patrick that I hope will let everyone know how wonderful he is and that I love him "more than my luggage" (Steel Magnolias). Here are some pictures I got of him over the last week. I wasnt able to take many because we lost the battery charger to our camera and I'm pretty sure I left it in Utah.Here is a picture of Patrick enjoying Shannon Rocks delicious cookies. I couldnt get him to stop eating them so I barely got any!

I got this one of him after he asked me to put his shoes on him. He found his little swimming hat and put it on. Im pretty sure that he was supporting Sara in here Triathlon that she was ran on Saturday.

Here is a picture of his new water table that I bought him to play with out side in our small backyard like area behind our condo. It looks pretty lonely doesnt it? I left it inside for maybe two days and he played with it a little while but it must have been pretty boring without any water in it.So here he is playing with the box it came in. It turned out to be a fun slide and trampoline.

He has been talking so much lately and he likes to ramble on about random things. We usually dont know what he's saying but we do pick up words that he knows. We hear things like Motochoochoo (Motorcycle), outside, hot, down, too high, too big. He has done really well with making 2 to 3 word statements like "I need that", "roof too high", Daddy's hat, Papa's hat, I wub it ( I love it), I wike it (I like it), too hot, ok momma? which he says when I say ow. He also likes to sing. Sometimes I can give him a topic and he will make up a quick song about it. He is so polite too! He says thank you all the time and he will say sorry if he ever bumps into you or if we accidentally trip over him when runs in front of us. He will even say sorry if its our fault. The other day he even put his shorts on all by himself, I was in shock. He usually gets how the shorts work but he cant get his feet into the right holes and doesnt know what to do after that. He actually got them on right with his first try and pulled them up over his little bottom. He is too cute and I cant wait to see what he learns next. I am mostly interested in what his reaction will be to his little sister. He likes babies and seems to be very careful around them but they arent living in our house so it should be a bit of adjustment for him. I cant believe he will be 2 in September. I feel like it is going too fast.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Egg" tastrophy!!!

Ok, today was going well, really! I decided to go run my errands which included going to at least 7 places. So I left at about 11:30 and I had everything I would need, Patricks blankie, his juice, and my grocery list.
We made our first two stops without having a problem then I wanted to go to Target so that I could find something for Patrick to play with outside. He loves to go outside and its something that I should encourage and support but most of the time I am just too tired to go to the park and play with him. Well we have this small grassy area outside our condo which I can sit on our small porch and watch him play but there isnt anything to do out there so I wanted to find something that would keep his attention in our small yard and keep him from running away. Well of course as I am passing all the toys he wants them all!! He is reaching out of the cart trying to grab everything.
Well after I grabbed this cute little water table and a big bouncy ball I headed over to East Hills mall to buy some books at Russos and then over to the new Gottschalks which actually looks pretty good, trust me, I worked there for 4 years! Well then I had to go to the store. Let me tell you how much I hate going to the store. I hate it hate it hate it hate it!!!!!! It wouldnt be so bad if I could leave Patrick home every time. His favorite thing to do is to take the produce that I toss in the basket in bags and try to eat it!! Through the plastic!! Well I solved that problem by giving him the green onions to chew on. So then he decided to use the mac and cheese boxes as maracas. Then he decided to make a tower out of the canned food which got too high and fell out of the basket onto the floor, so of course I had to pick all that up. Then I needed to grab eggs so I put them in the front of the cart by my purse since he only sits in the big part of the basket now. I thought foolishly that they would be safe. Well I was looking for something for a second and as I turn around I watch in slow motion as he grabs the eggs and opens them and by holding the top of the carton is dumping out the entire dozen eggs into by basket all over my groceries and all over the floor. So yes I am looking at 12 eggs all broken everywhere. I was so mad that I told Patrick to sit down and not to touch anything and I tried to clean up the mess as best I could with baby wipes and then I went and told an employee that I dropped a dozen eggs on the floor and then I grabbed a few more things that I needed and decided to call it quits and go home. I of course didnt get all I needed but I was so tired and mad about the eggs and sooooo ready to go home. Patrick cried for while for his blankie which of course was covered with egg muck but he finally fell asleep and I have been able to enjoy some peace and quiet. My mom said welcome to the "Mom Club" and I am just wondering how on earth I am going to it with two children.