Sunday, June 29, 2008

Viva España!!

Today was the finals for the Euro Cup. Spain was playing against Germany and won 1-0. It was very exciting. I have the flu so I wasnt able to watch the whole thing but Patrick and Daddy were with the rest of the family joining in on the fun. I was able to catch the last ten minutes or so and found myself cheering along with the rest of the gang (not so much physically but mentally). I did however see the winning goal that Fernando Torres scored in the 33rd minute. It was pretty amazing and I am proud to be part of Spanish family. Here is a photo of almost the whole family except Nick who was at work, Roxanna and Diego who are in Texas expecting a baby girl any day and Roseamber who is in Bakersfield.And here are some pictures of the game. This was their first major title won in 44 years.It was really funny watching them throwing the coach up into the air. I mean this guy is old. Im surprised he didnt break a few ribs in the process.