Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Got my hair did!

Yep, I talked to Raquel about coloring my hair and she told my that Tuesday morning she wasnt doing anything so she could give me a weave to give my hair some highlights and here are photos of the process.

Before the toner went inThe finished product! I love it! Its more blond then I have ever done but I love it. I will have to let you know if blonds have more fun. You can compare the pictures from my hair cut and this one to see the difference in color.
On another note, I went to my uncles house today and found my camera charger that I left here when we came for the graduation. I am so excited because I was worried that my camera was going to die before the 4th of July and I wouldnt be able to take any pictures.


Connie de said...

You look gorgeous. And so happy to know you found your charger. You'll want to remember that event 20 years from now!

Papa Randy said...

Your cute little mug makes your hair doo look good. Your fans love you no matter what!!

Samantha said...

Cute hair!!! I have not seen your blog in a while, your family is so adorable:) When is the girlie going to be joining you???

Tenille Gates said...

lookin goood! you looked a little nervous before she put the toner on ;0)