Monday, July 7, 2008

Playing catch up

We're home!!!!!! I actually woke up still thinking I was in Utah. I will try and recap the rest of our vacation in order and hopefully I will remember everything.
Tuesday night Jesus and I went to Deseret industries(correction-Distribution center, thanks Mom) and bought everything we needed for the temple that we didnt already have. Then we went next door to Deseret book and bought bags to carry everything in and we ran into Mindy Sergeant and talked to her for awhile. When we left I was so excited because I felt so much closer to the temple. When we got home we realized that we needed to hem the pants that Jesús bought if we wanted to go to the temple on Thursday like we planned. Well I have never hemmed pants before so I was kind of guessing how to do it. Well when Shelley and I couldnt figure out how to get her sewing machine to work I decided to turn to our very good friend Ann Anderson. I called her the next morning and she said she would love to help. So Patrick and I headed over to her condo in Orem. It was awesome to see her and to visit with her for like 4 hours. We talked about everything and I really missed that. I wish she would move back to Bakersfield. I am also excited because she said she would be my birthing coach. She is going to come to Bakersfield and help me learn to deal the pain of having a baby which is so good because I am nervous about having a VBAC. Sarah came over too and we all sat and talked forever. Well after Patrick and I left we went back to the Moreno's and Jesús and I got ready to go to the temple. We laid Patrick down for a nap and Jesús and his parents and his brother Sebastian and I went to Ruby River where Sebastian works and we all had lunch. All I can say is "Good food!" After lunch Jesús and I drove to American Fork and went to the Timponogos temple to do a session. I have always wanted to go inside that temple because it is so beautiful outside. It was even more amazing inside.

In the morning we decided to go to the Parade in Provo because we heard it was really fun and Jesús's brother was marching in it. It took us a long time to find parking but we finally did and we parked pretty close to Sara's old apartment which she was sitting out in front of. She drove down the night before and played games with us at the Moreno's. Well we werent able to sit next to her at the parade but we still had a good time.

This is Jesús's brother Sebastian marching in the parade. He is the one closest to the camera in the front row.
When we got bored of the parade, Sara ran across the street and we went to see Walle at the mall. It was a very good movie. We went back to the house and laid Patrick down for a nap. When he woke up he headed over to my Aunt Patty's house for a picnic at the park. There was a lot of my family there. Some of them I havent seen since our wedding.

Here's Patrick playing with my cousin Brandon.
Here are the grandaughters that were at the picnic with Grandma Joy.
Here are Sara and her friend Noelle. They were enjoying the creek by the park.After the picnic we took Grandma and Grandpa home and then headed back to the Moreno's for a fabulous BBQ and fireworks. There was only one firework but we bought a lot of sparklers and the poppers that you throw on the ground. Patrick had a good time with the sparklers until he touched the wrong end and from then on he was a little scared of them.
Patrick and Uncle Nick playing with the sparklers.

Jesús got a little goofy
What a happy boy for so late at night
Here are Patrick and Nick watching the firework go off in the street. Patrick got kind of scared from the noise it made.

Here is Gabe playing with the sparklers. He eventually was trying to singe his let hair off.
Here is Daddy teaching Patrick how to ride the skateboard safely.

Later that night Gabe got a little bored and locked himself into the dogs cage. He had planned on scaring Nick but instead the joke was played on him as Jesús and Nick carried the cage outside.
The morning we left the whole family (except Gabe) went to the Cracker Barrel for breakfast. As we were walking up to the restaurant we were surprised to see Robert and Debby Jackson, Michael and Cari Jackson and their adorable son Tino, and Robby and Tammy Hunt. It was so fun to see them, I wish we had gotten a picture.
Well here is a picture of the family at breakfast, but I'm not sure why Becca wouldnt smile. Boo Becca!!!!We did get a picture of the whole family except Roxanna and Diego in Texas and Roseamber in Bakersfield before we left
But all the boys were there and here they are in order
We even got a picture of our little family
We decided to break up the drive home into two days. The trip is a little too long to do in one shot so we stayed at my uncle Dougs house in St. George for the night then drove home on Sunday. The traffic was pretty bad coming home because of the Holiday weekend and Patrick was over it about 2 and half hours from home.
Whenever we drive past Parowan my mom always tells us to put our hands over our hearts because that is where Mom was born, so for this trip, I took a picture.
Patrick spent some of the trip watching Finding Nemo on my Ipod. It kept him pretty occupied for while.

Then the boredom set in.

When we got home and Jesús was unloading the car, this is what he found in the grass by our condo. Patrick wanted to play with it.


Connie de said...

Sorry honey, Deseret Industries doesn't sell temple stuff. You meant Distribution Center I'm sure.
Looks like you had a great hoo! I'm glad you're home. And Jesus, Marilyn Monroe did not have sparklers!