Sunday, July 26, 2009

All Mustaches Unite!

Yep we were able to attend the annual Casa De Mustachio put on by our very own Jimmy Bunting. It was awesome! We were unable to attend last year and this year Jesús was just going to go by himself since the party started at 9 and went to 12 and I had no one to watch the kids and honestly who watch my kids that late? Well, it sounded so fun that we decided that we all needed to go, even if it was for only an hour or so. So we all got ready, got our mustaches on and drove on over. It was awesome and we cant wait until next year, hopefully that will give me enough time to grow my very own mustache.Elena was so stinkin cute all night, her mustache was awesome

This was our serious mustache family photo

This picture was actually an accident but I dont think I have ever seen this expression on Oscar before! And dont worry, thats just root beer. Jimmy is a Root Beer connoisseur of sorts.

Here are all the mustache children, yes they all had mustaches, I promise
Elena liked her mustache better than Oscars so she got a little upset

Jimmy had Smiths Bakery make these especially for the party

I really wanted this picture of all of us that originally went to highschool together (except for Dave who was an East man) but we all went to seminary together and here we all are still hanging out together. Thanks for indulging me guys!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finally the 4th

With all that has been going on at our house, I totally forgot to post about the 4th of July. Be prepared for a lot of pictures.

We got up and decided that since our ward wasn't doing a pancake breakfast, we would have our own big yummy breakfast. I made my Dads famous biscuits and Jesús made some tasty gravy to go with them. We had some very sweet peaches from the Buntings peach trees to go on the side.

Disaster of a kitchen after the biscuits were made
Jesús had to do a river rafting trip that morning so he quickly enjoyed some biscuits and gravy before he had to leave.
Patrick enjoyed the biscuits
and so did Elena
Then I got some cute pictures of Elena in her 4th of July bow I made her and a cute dress from Costco I forgot I had.

Then we loaded up the car and went swimming at the Nichols with the Buntings and the Tyler Nichols family.

Carter is such a cutie

At this point, all the boys were swimsuitless (is that a word?) yep they were doing a little skinny dipping
Lucy was just a little tired
Patrick liked smacking the dogs around
Elena was ridiculously tired but refused to sleep
Patrick wanted to be naked too, like the big boys and liked playing in the water spouts
Sarah was very peaceful and calm on the blanket

Jesús and Tyler snagged Davids swimsuit and threw it in a tree
Then the tree broke
Sarah Jean wanted to play with Carter
Then we went back to our place so Katy could make home made ice cream and cut my hair, so while we were just sitting around Katy and Tyler brought some snakes to light

The kids were very excited to watch it
Their firework happy dance
Then back to the step to watch it again
Afterwards we went to David and Lindseys to watch the BC fireworks and have ice cream.
Good and tiring day.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I want to do this

I have always wanted to improve something I have and use it as something else or make it more modern. Well, I have a cork board that I dont really want to use as a corkboard. I got this idea from Young House Love and now I cant wait to make it!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

For Accident Details and pictures

This is my husbands site and he has put pictures up and how the accident occurred. The picture he hasnt added yet is pretty gruesome so look now before he gets that one on there.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Treasure every moment

Today was a scary day for us. It started out like every other day. Jesus kissed me goodbye and headed off to work and I got up to get the kids up and ready for the day. About 10 minutes after I got up I got a phone call. Jesús was on the other line "Alison, I've been in an accident, Im ok, I need you to come get me at the Chevron by the old Mesa Marin." I of course just grab the kids and the bag, everyone in their pajamas, and head to the car in a mad dash.

I called my Mom as I was getting the kids buckled in and told her what was going on and she told me to meet her and she would take the kids and I would take her car. We did this and I took her car to the accident. When I got there, Jesús was standing there with a Sheriff and a couple other people. I got out and saw his knuckles were all scraped and bleeding and he was holding his arm. His clothes were torn. I was so scared. Information was collected and then the fire truck and the ambulance showed up and he was strapped to a board and put in the ambulance. I wasnt able to tell him goodbye or that I loved him as they shut the doors. My dad helped me with the motorcycle and I headed back to my Moms to check on my kids and change at our place and run to the hospital.

When I got to the hospital and was waiting for them to take me back to him, it felt like hours. Finally they took me back and I got to see him and kiss him. He told me that there was a broken bone in his hand that they knew of for sure and that they were waiting until the rest of the results came back until they could take the neck brace off. His hands were torn all over and the bandages they had on his bigger and much more serious scrapes were starting to bleed through his bandages. They let me stay with him the whole time. They took him away for maybe 10 minutes to X-ray his foot which was hurting him. They came back and told us he had two broken toes and would need a splint on his foot and leg and they would need to set the bone in his hand, put a splint on his hand and arm.

We waited while they prepped for that and then they came to numb his hand so that he wouldnt feel the serious pain from setting the bone. It all seemed to hurt him either way. Finally after he was all splinted up they discharged him. Now we are working on how he will be able to get around until they can get a cast on his leg and arm. Luckily we were able to borrow a wheel chair and that should make things much easier. We wont be going anywhere any time soon so visitors are welcome.

Calling for help

Jesús was in a motorcycle accident this morning and he will need a wheel chair to get around for the next week or so. We were wondering if anyone has one or knows of anyone who has one that isnt being used, we would love you forever!!!
* We found a wheelchair*

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Funny Conversation at the store

As I was tearing plastic bags off for produce.
P: Mom are you ripping those?!
A: Yes I am
P: Mom you shouldnt rip things, it makes Jesus sad.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Good Anniversary, Bad pictures

Well Jesús and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on June 24th and we wanted to make it fun, so we decided to be a little like Matt and Tenille and do a little rafting by our selves in a kayak. We started at the put in where Rivers End rafting starts their trips and we ended in Heart Park. Let me tell you, that was a long time on the river. We had pretty much had enough when we came to the brown fence that is the trade mark of heart park but when we got out we realized that we had gotten out too soon at Ming lake. So we got back in the river and kept going for about another 30 minutes or so. It was an adventure. Here are our really bad pictures, mostly of my gums and nostrils.

What a Stud!

Here I am being a lady and not helping and taking pictures of myself

Jesus had a little nap

Luckily he woke up before we hit a rapid

The view

Search and Rescue were out running drills, they thanked us for wearing life jackets

His tough guide face