Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Finally the 4th

With all that has been going on at our house, I totally forgot to post about the 4th of July. Be prepared for a lot of pictures.

We got up and decided that since our ward wasn't doing a pancake breakfast, we would have our own big yummy breakfast. I made my Dads famous biscuits and Jesús made some tasty gravy to go with them. We had some very sweet peaches from the Buntings peach trees to go on the side.

Disaster of a kitchen after the biscuits were made
Jesús had to do a river rafting trip that morning so he quickly enjoyed some biscuits and gravy before he had to leave.
Patrick enjoyed the biscuits
and so did Elena
Then I got some cute pictures of Elena in her 4th of July bow I made her and a cute dress from Costco I forgot I had.

Then we loaded up the car and went swimming at the Nichols with the Buntings and the Tyler Nichols family.

Carter is such a cutie

At this point, all the boys were swimsuitless (is that a word?) yep they were doing a little skinny dipping
Lucy was just a little tired
Patrick liked smacking the dogs around
Elena was ridiculously tired but refused to sleep
Patrick wanted to be naked too, like the big boys and liked playing in the water spouts
Sarah was very peaceful and calm on the blanket

Jesús and Tyler snagged Davids swimsuit and threw it in a tree
Then the tree broke
Sarah Jean wanted to play with Carter
Then we went back to our place so Katy could make home made ice cream and cut my hair, so while we were just sitting around Katy and Tyler brought some snakes to light

The kids were very excited to watch it
Their firework happy dance
Then back to the step to watch it again
Afterwards we went to David and Lindseys to watch the BC fireworks and have ice cream.
Good and tiring day.


Tenille Gates said...

The guys were swimming naked together?! ScAnDeLoUs! :0) Looks like y'all had a fun day!

jemoreno said...

We were not naked! You have no proof and I deny every word of it!

Mrs. Schmalison said...

It was NASTY! I've seen enough man butt to last a life time!

Johnsons Away said...

LOL, what a fun day though.