Sunday, July 26, 2009

All Mustaches Unite!

Yep we were able to attend the annual Casa De Mustachio put on by our very own Jimmy Bunting. It was awesome! We were unable to attend last year and this year Jesús was just going to go by himself since the party started at 9 and went to 12 and I had no one to watch the kids and honestly who watch my kids that late? Well, it sounded so fun that we decided that we all needed to go, even if it was for only an hour or so. So we all got ready, got our mustaches on and drove on over. It was awesome and we cant wait until next year, hopefully that will give me enough time to grow my very own mustache.Elena was so stinkin cute all night, her mustache was awesome

This was our serious mustache family photo

This picture was actually an accident but I dont think I have ever seen this expression on Oscar before! And dont worry, thats just root beer. Jimmy is a Root Beer connoisseur of sorts.

Here are all the mustache children, yes they all had mustaches, I promise
Elena liked her mustache better than Oscars so she got a little upset

Jimmy had Smiths Bakery make these especially for the party

I really wanted this picture of all of us that originally went to highschool together (except for Dave who was an East man) but we all went to seminary together and here we all are still hanging out together. Thanks for indulging me guys!


Johnsons Away said...

HOW FUN!! What a good idea and just too funny

ginger4girlz said...

So freakin cute!! I LOVE Elena's mustache! :)