Thursday, March 29, 2012

Antie Em!!

So we had our first Tornado watch.
Honestly, I was a little nervous. Crazy thunder and lightening and thunder. All. Night. Long. Insane!! I could not believe it. The clouds actually looked ugly.
So we stocked up on the important things and hunkered down for the night.

St. Patricks Day

*Be sure to check out the Spring Break Post before this one, I guess I started it before I started this post and of course they posted in order*

So once again we made a big deal about St. Patricks Day because we have our very own Patrick! I made sure the kids had green things to wear and I got out the decorations. Grandma Connie sent us a surprise package with some green stuff to enjoy.
Patrick got a shirt that matched Calebs.
Elena got this cute green skirt from Grandma and we had bought her this cute shirt for 2 dollars at the outlets. Score!!
I made green cream cheese for Patricks bagel that morning and he was very confused as to how I turned it green.

Elena had green scrambled eggs. They looked a little strange but she still ate them with ketchup. Yuck!
I got a little crafty and made Elena, Lucia, Amaia and Beca some clips for their hair.
And I made a topiary for my table centerpiece. Luckily I can use this all year round so I can just switch out the table clothes. I think my next project is a spring topiary. I love felt.
Jesús and I made cakeballs to see what all the fuss was about. Dang they were hard to make but so yummy. I think we just need to perfect our technique. Here they are without frosting.
And here are the ones that didn't look too bad after we added the chocolate coating and sprinkles.
I feel like I got a lot more pictures of Elena that day because Patrick was being grumpy. He only had mad grumpy faces in the pictures so he got to sit them out. Here is Elena's outfit as we made our way to our families house for corned beef and cabbage. Yum.
Elena and Lucia enjoying a picnic outside
Elena enjoying a cakeball. I don't think Patrick even tried one until the next day. What a party pooper. He didn't understand why couldn't do anything he wanted on his day.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break

For spring break we had planned to go to San Antonio to go to Sea World but it turned out the weather was going to be ugly the days we wanted to be there so we opted out and stayed home and enjoyed the lovely weather by us.
The kids got some cool sunglasses for super cheap at the outlets. Here they are sporting them.

We went to the park on Monday to enjoy the beautiful clear skies
We took the soccer ball and trike and scooter
I love this picture because Amaia is standing as the goalie and Elena a player on the field
We flew the kite. Bailey probably did it longer than the rest of us.
The playground had a cool zipline type thing. Patrick really liked it.

So did Amaia
Elena is learning to climb up the sides of the toys. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a heart attack watching it.
Beca mostly just............
Lucia brought her trike too
Jesús and Mom flying the kite
Beca did ride the trike for a bit though
Ok can I just say I love Amaia!!! She cracks me up!! She loves Elena and calls her "Leena" and couldn't care less what our names are. We are all "Leena!" As soon as we see her thats what she starts yelling. She's awesome.

Fort Worth Stock Yards

So for Spring Break we decided to head to the Stock Yards in Fort Worth. It was kind of an interesting drive going around all the construction going on in Fort Worth but it was worth it. We headed to the petting zoo area first before they put the animals away.

There was a stage coach riding around the neighborhood.

They had baby goats that were the cutest!! I wanted to snatch one up and bring it home but I decided that it probably would only be cute for one more week then grow up to be an ugly goat.
We ate at Riscky's BBQ and this was our view from the patio

Of course all the boys had to get the All you can eat Beef Ribs
And I needed to try the deep fried pickles. They are now my favorite.
Elena wanted to sit by Beca
Enjoying the ribs
Patrick riding the bull after dinner
Elena wanted to ride the horsey
The stock exchange was closed but we could walk around back to check out the Long Horns
Beautiful sunset as we walked around
Ok so Long Horns are huge!!! We were looking at them through the fence when this guy yelled at us to walk through the gate and we could see them from up above.
Some of them had horns so long that it looked uncomfortable.
It was a really cool place to visit and we've heard that they walk the long horns down the road twice a day. We need to go back for that.
Grandma Connie had sent the kids 5$ each that day so they got some souvenirs on our way back to the car
Sorry for the blurry pictures. I didn't have my camera so at night my phone pictures aren't great.
And of course we needed a picture of Wyatt Earp. Next time I think we will eat at a place called The Love Shack. I'm excited.