Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Guess where we went? Again?

Thats right! The Zoo!!!!! We actually snapped a picture of the giant giraffe out in the front this time.
It actually ended up being packed this time so we had to go in through a different gate but it had this cool thing for the kids to enjoy.

We waited for the boys to go get a drink by these parrots. One of them kept saying hello and then flipping upside down on the branch and then grabbing on with his beak and then letting go with his claws so he was just hanging on by his beak.

Since I have pictures of all the other animals I mostly enjoyed just walking around with the kids. But this time we hung out by the koi tank for a while.

We saw this cool cockatoo that was bouncing up and down on a rope. He was pretty funny.

Then Patrick and I decided to go check out the moles. They had cool tunnels to go through.

On the way home I saw this building and took a picture. I thought it was interesting.


Connie de said...

I read your blog. Three times a day.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

So I should update it more?

Connie de said...

Ya think?...