Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break

For spring break we had planned to go to San Antonio to go to Sea World but it turned out the weather was going to be ugly the days we wanted to be there so we opted out and stayed home and enjoyed the lovely weather by us.
The kids got some cool sunglasses for super cheap at the outlets. Here they are sporting them.

We went to the park on Monday to enjoy the beautiful clear skies
We took the soccer ball and trike and scooter
I love this picture because Amaia is standing as the goalie and Elena a player on the field
We flew the kite. Bailey probably did it longer than the rest of us.
The playground had a cool zipline type thing. Patrick really liked it.

So did Amaia
Elena is learning to climb up the sides of the toys. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a heart attack watching it.
Beca mostly just............
Lucia brought her trike too
Jesús and Mom flying the kite
Beca did ride the trike for a bit though
Ok can I just say I love Amaia!!! She cracks me up!! She loves Elena and calls her "Leena" and couldn't care less what our names are. We are all "Leena!" As soon as we see her thats what she starts yelling. She's awesome.