Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fort Worth Stock Yards

So for Spring Break we decided to head to the Stock Yards in Fort Worth. It was kind of an interesting drive going around all the construction going on in Fort Worth but it was worth it. We headed to the petting zoo area first before they put the animals away.

There was a stage coach riding around the neighborhood.

They had baby goats that were the cutest!! I wanted to snatch one up and bring it home but I decided that it probably would only be cute for one more week then grow up to be an ugly goat.
We ate at Riscky's BBQ and this was our view from the patio

Of course all the boys had to get the All you can eat Beef Ribs
And I needed to try the deep fried pickles. They are now my favorite.
Elena wanted to sit by Beca
Enjoying the ribs
Patrick riding the bull after dinner
Elena wanted to ride the horsey
The stock exchange was closed but we could walk around back to check out the Long Horns
Beautiful sunset as we walked around
Ok so Long Horns are huge!!! We were looking at them through the fence when this guy yelled at us to walk through the gate and we could see them from up above.
Some of them had horns so long that it looked uncomfortable.
It was a really cool place to visit and we've heard that they walk the long horns down the road twice a day. We need to go back for that.
Grandma Connie had sent the kids 5$ each that day so they got some souvenirs on our way back to the car
Sorry for the blurry pictures. I didn't have my camera so at night my phone pictures aren't great.
And of course we needed a picture of Wyatt Earp. Next time I think we will eat at a place called The Love Shack. I'm excited.