Wednesday, May 27, 2009

This is what I came home to the other day

If you cant read what it says, here "To my wife, whom I love more than orange chicken" and that smiley cookie was exactly what I needed that day. And believe me he could eat orange chicken every day.

Elena pictures

I had to post these pictures and video of Elena, she's so stinking cute, most of the time, when she's not screaming for me.

Sleeping with her booty in the air

Curled up on the bed
Playing in the yellow bucket

Her new talent

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy peaceful and sad

I have been wanting to get pictures of the kids together, of course more posed and dressed in cute clothes but I got these the other day of them with their sippy cups.

I love this one of Patrick because he was laughing so hard
Finally got one of them smiling together without either of them taking a drink
I got this one of Elena sleeping, she is such an angelOkay, I might be mean but I had to take this picture because it was so ironic. Believe me he wasnt like this for long, I soon cheered him up and everything was right with the world.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bath Baby

As I was looking back on our pictures, I realized that I had a ton of bath time pictures of Patrick but barely any for Elena. So last night I let her play in the tub while we had a photo shoot. She loved it because usually its in and out for her, I never let her play in the tub.

Here is a video of her in the tub, please ignore my singing, I was just trying to get her to smile.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mothers Day

Yes we also celebrated Mothers Day. It was wonderful. Jesús took me to Walmart to let me pick out a dust buster. Im in love with it. Especially because I have a two year old and now a 8 month old that likes to crumble her crackers before she eats them.
Jesús also got me this beautiful family Willow Tree wall decoration. I had the 3 others in the back and now we are complete. He got it for me in Morrow Bay on his business trip. He is so thoughtful.
No I did not get a Kitchen aid for Mothers Day, but I did get a Kitchen Aid. My Aunt is trying to sell her mobile home in Lake Isabella and she is getting rid of a lot of stuff. On her list was this Kitchen Aid mixer that belonged to my Grandma Freida. I am so happy that I got it and that it will remind me of Grandma everytime I use it. We also got a charcoal bbq so Jesús can bbq for us all summer and a dresser for the kids. Its actually the dresser that Sara and I used as kids, I think Ben and Cory used it too. Ahhh the memories.
We had a great day and I want to say that I have the best Mom in the world!! She is always willing to help us when we need a babysitter and knows exactly when I need her to drop by and clean my kitchen. She feels that she hasnt done a very good job with her children but my oldest brother Ben was called to be Elders Quorum President in his ward and he and his wife Janae are getting ready to adopt a baby. My brother Cory is in the Bishopric in our ward and he and his wife have two beautiful children and have the strongest testimonies, I find myself wishing I were more like them. Then there's me, nothing great, but I was lucky enough to find my wonderful husband who makes me laugh and takes care of me and does so much to make my life easier, and because of him I have two beautiful children that make me the happiest mother in the world. Then there is my sister, she is strong and independent and an adventurist. She just graduated from BYU in Microbiology, which as I saw was a tremendous feat! I hope someday I can do at least half the stuff she has done. So see Mom, you must have done a wonderful job because you have some great kids!! Love you MOM!!!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh Walt...

You were such a clever man! Yep we visited the great Disneyland and my body is still screaming at me! We drove down Wednesday afternoon and stayed in the great hotel Mom got for us. It had this heated pool so the boys went swimming for a few hours while the girls sat by the side and ate pizza (yeah I know, pizza is not good for a diet). We got up the next morning and drove around the corner and went into the park. So here are the pictures from our adventures.
Patrick had so much fun swimming with the boys.

Grandma had a good time with the babies.

Flying, careful Dad!

Gotta love the continental breakfast, or just look really bored

I bought Elena some shoes to wear to Disneyland, I was trying a few of them on her at Target and she would kick her feet around while they were on and as soon as I took them off she would have a fit! I've created a monster.

My mom got this great picture of our family as we waited in line for the Storybook ride.

Elena was so cute that morning looking at everything, I got these of her while we were waiting for Patrick and Daddy, they were riding the merry go round.

Here they are riding the merry go round, the next time they came around Patrick was terrified and ready to get off.

Storybook ride, going into the whale. Patrick wanted my brother Ben to hold him most of the day.

Lunch break

The boys wanted to ride the little train so Stephanie and I took the babies to the baby care center to nurse.
Patrick actually like the teacups this year, he was laughing the whole time!

The whole reason Patrick wanted to go to Disneyland was to see Buzz Lightyear. Well I took him into a bathroom to change his diaper and Stephanie runs in and tells me that Buzz walking right by the bathroom. I grabbed Patrick and ran. I tossed him to Jesús and yelled that he catch up with him so Patrick could get a picture. They were first in line to get a picture. Patrick was a little scared when he finally got close but he loves this picture.

Elena had 3 naps all day and all of them were right here, on me. We were waiting in line for the jungle cruise in this picture and she had just woken up. She was cute in her little sun hat.

Elena and Daddy having a little snuggle and nap time

Elena had a great time being carted around all day

Caleb got a little wet when his dad dumped a bottle of water on his head. Obviously.

Here we are waiting for the train

We took the train around the park instead of walking back to the front of the park, the boys were in heaven.

We got off the train and Mickey mouse was standing at the bottom of the stairs so we got our second family picture. By the time we left Patrick was sooooo ready to go. He was crying about nothing and screaming in the stroller. We headed home and stopped on the way for dinner. We ate at a Jack in the Box right off the freeway and Patrick and Elena were delirious laughing like crazy. It was a lot of fun. Maybe we will make it back to California Adventures within 30 days for our twofer pass. It was a fun trip, but difficult with a two year old and our patience was tried but we came out alive.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Help for a healthier you?

I know I want a healthier me. I am on a mission to lose weight. From today I have 46 lbs to lose and I am starting a blog that will track my progress. I will post healthy recipes that we try and actually like, and exercises that are easy to do at home in your free time. Also ideas that I find help me from slipping up. Maybe if I know people are checking in on my weight loss I will continue to progress. When I reach my goal weight I will keep the blog up to help stay at my goal weight. So come visit my healthier site.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our 8 Month old

Yes, thats right 8 months. I cant believe it. Here are some things about our little Elena.
She is scooting all over the floor and she is crazy fast!
She can wave bye bye
She loves to eat and wants to try whatever we are eating
She is not sleeping through the night but only gets up once or twice
She can find any tiny little thing on the carpet that either I or the vacuum did not catch
She loves her big brother and watches everything that he does
She loves her daddy and he can always make her laugh
She loves her mommy and snuggles more with me than with anyone and I dont hate it
Her favorite food is everything
She has not attached herself to a blanket or stuffed animal even though I have tried really hard to get her to
She will not take pacifiers even though I bought every kind there is
She does not like bottles and just chews on them
Her laugh is hilarious, I call it her courtesy laugh because it sounds fake as if she were doing out of courtesy

Thats Elena in a nut shell!! And we love her and cant wait to see whats next!