Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh Walt...

You were such a clever man! Yep we visited the great Disneyland and my body is still screaming at me! We drove down Wednesday afternoon and stayed in the great hotel Mom got for us. It had this heated pool so the boys went swimming for a few hours while the girls sat by the side and ate pizza (yeah I know, pizza is not good for a diet). We got up the next morning and drove around the corner and went into the park. So here are the pictures from our adventures.
Patrick had so much fun swimming with the boys.

Grandma had a good time with the babies.

Flying, careful Dad!

Gotta love the continental breakfast, or just look really bored

I bought Elena some shoes to wear to Disneyland, I was trying a few of them on her at Target and she would kick her feet around while they were on and as soon as I took them off she would have a fit! I've created a monster.

My mom got this great picture of our family as we waited in line for the Storybook ride.

Elena was so cute that morning looking at everything, I got these of her while we were waiting for Patrick and Daddy, they were riding the merry go round.

Here they are riding the merry go round, the next time they came around Patrick was terrified and ready to get off.

Storybook ride, going into the whale. Patrick wanted my brother Ben to hold him most of the day.

Lunch break

The boys wanted to ride the little train so Stephanie and I took the babies to the baby care center to nurse.
Patrick actually like the teacups this year, he was laughing the whole time!

The whole reason Patrick wanted to go to Disneyland was to see Buzz Lightyear. Well I took him into a bathroom to change his diaper and Stephanie runs in and tells me that Buzz walking right by the bathroom. I grabbed Patrick and ran. I tossed him to Jesús and yelled that he catch up with him so Patrick could get a picture. They were first in line to get a picture. Patrick was a little scared when he finally got close but he loves this picture.

Elena had 3 naps all day and all of them were right here, on me. We were waiting in line for the jungle cruise in this picture and she had just woken up. She was cute in her little sun hat.

Elena and Daddy having a little snuggle and nap time

Elena had a great time being carted around all day

Caleb got a little wet when his dad dumped a bottle of water on his head. Obviously.

Here we are waiting for the train

We took the train around the park instead of walking back to the front of the park, the boys were in heaven.

We got off the train and Mickey mouse was standing at the bottom of the stairs so we got our second family picture. By the time we left Patrick was sooooo ready to go. He was crying about nothing and screaming in the stroller. We headed home and stopped on the way for dinner. We ate at a Jack in the Box right off the freeway and Patrick and Elena were delirious laughing like crazy. It was a lot of fun. Maybe we will make it back to California Adventures within 30 days for our twofer pass. It was a fun trip, but difficult with a two year old and our patience was tried but we came out alive.


Dawnelle Anderson said...

Sounds like fun, we are thinking of planning a trip to Disneyland this summer, I hope it works out.

Gini said...

Looks like you guys had a good time!!! Really cute pictures!

Johnsons Away said...

I love the pictures, it looks like you guys had a terrific time. You have the right idea going in the middle of the week.