Monday, March 29, 2010

We've been doing a few things

Like walking for Great Strides

Patrick has been learning to share

Reminiscing about the tree we cut down. Sorry if we cut down some memories Hunts. I promise we will plant beautiful trees in its place.
Getting dirty. Oh so dirty.

Digging for dinosaur eggs at Calebs 4th birthday party

Swinging at the park

Getting crafty

Growing yellow squash!
I need to blog a story about Patrick sharing. The other night we were out doing some shopping as a family and we stopped to get chicken nuggets and french fries before we went into Target so the kids attention would be occupied on stuffing their faces. We had them both sitting in the big part of the shopping cart facing us at the far end. Patrick asked for a chicken nugget and I handed him one. He took it, tore it in half and gave half to Elena. Jesús and I just looked at each other in shock and we thought it was so sweet. It really was the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Springtime at Old House

With Spring here we have been planting and landscaping like crazy. When we were young, gardening was the thing Mom made us do. We had to weed 2 feet of the front or back planters and then we were done. It was never something we actually wanted to do so now I wish I had been paying attention a little more. Now we get to do our own gardening. Several evenings this last week we have all gone out as a family and enjoyed this 70 something weather and planted flowers and berries and vegetables. I really enjoy it. Like, really.

Jesús relocated this rosebush from the side of the house where it keeps getting run into by the trash can.
I have been doing most of the planting while Jesús has been pulling everything up and cleaning up the flower beds.

The Camelias that were already in the front planter are Blooming. Tamara says they were a gift from her brother. I'm glad they are still blooming, how special.

I planted a pot of herbs. Cilantro, Parsley and basil. The basil I planted from seeds and now I have 3 very cute little basil sprouts.

This is our vegetable garden. I have never planted vegetables and those of you who are thinking "those are way close together" I know. I am going to replant them. My mom informed me that the tomatoes are too close together and the squash on the left I discovered will take over the garden and need more room. I will be extending the garden either today or tomorrow. There are also red peppers and blueberries on the right.

My mom and I made a trip to White Forrest Nursery. I have never been there before and now I know that place is amazing. The people there are so friendly and the variety is extensive. I bought some Hydrangea and Gardenias. I also bought some Lily bulbs from Lowes but I'm not expecting anything big. There were supposed to be 10 in the bag and there were only 5. I think they were also supposed to be planted a while ago.
I also discovered that with gardening comes very dirty children. I let them turn on the hose and get muddy. Patrick was calling himself the mud monster and Elena got a little bit muddy and then was done. She wanted to go inside and take a bath. Patrick didn't realize that if he gets dirty he is going to have to get clean again. When we went to spray him off with the hose he was screaming and crying. I couldnt help but laugh. I should have felt bad for him but I didnt.

I had to show this picture. Patrick says that he is Peter Parker and he is stronger when he is naked. I let him run around like this for a while so he could feel really strong.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sharing is caring

The moments I treasure

Monday, March 8, 2010

My baby is in nursery....

Ok, so Patrick went into Sunbeams in January. I cried. Elena went into nursery yesterday, and I would have cried, however she was only in there for about 8 minutes before they brought her back out to me screaming. I was in the process of getting Patrick comfortable with sitting with his class when they brought her in so I had to hand him off to his teacher and I left him crying in primary to get Elena. I took her back into nursery and stayed in there for about 15 minutes and she kept her eye on me the whole time. I took her out to change her diaper and then when I started to take her back in there again she panicked so I hung out in the halls until relief society started. I took her back into nursery despite her panicked whine. We were just in time for snacks and that was a perfect distraction for me to slip out. I was able to enjoy all of relief society. When I went to get Patrick I discovered he only cried for a little bit then was big helper. When we went to get Elena I was told by Marci Neville that Elena was very mad at me. The nursery leader came out with Elena in her arms and she had stolen 2 babies from the toy closet. Thats my girl!! So maybe it will hit me next week. Church is more difficult with kids and a husband thats out of town, my Mom is amazing because she did it with 4 kids and I dont remember ever being late.

Our cool cousin

My cousin McKay is an awesome DJ in Utah. We listened to her for the first time on Tuesday and she gave us a shout out and played a song for Patrick. He was so excited when she said his name he had this look of surprise on his face, he felt so special. He danced to the whole song of Buddy Holly by Weezer that she played for him. Thanks McKay for making him feel so special.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A spring photoshoot

We bought Elena a new spring dress and I took advantage of her being all dressed up to take pictures on Sunday. Mom has this great field across the street, perfect for pictures.