Monday, March 8, 2010

Our cool cousin

My cousin McKay is an awesome DJ in Utah. We listened to her for the first time on Tuesday and she gave us a shout out and played a song for Patrick. He was so excited when she said his name he had this look of surprise on his face, he felt so special. He danced to the whole song of Buddy Holly by Weezer that she played for him. Thanks McKay for making him feel so special.


McKayJoice said...

Oh yeah! I love the blog shout out almost as much as you love the radio shout out. I love that you guys can listen clear in California!

We need to get more kid-ish songs on the radio, can you believe we don't have one backstreet boys song?

But it's good, we'll get Patrick listening to the "cool" stuff before any of his classmates and when he gets older the ladies will love him.

Shoot, I love your kids, just move to Utah already.