Thursday, March 18, 2010

Springtime at Old House

With Spring here we have been planting and landscaping like crazy. When we were young, gardening was the thing Mom made us do. We had to weed 2 feet of the front or back planters and then we were done. It was never something we actually wanted to do so now I wish I had been paying attention a little more. Now we get to do our own gardening. Several evenings this last week we have all gone out as a family and enjoyed this 70 something weather and planted flowers and berries and vegetables. I really enjoy it. Like, really.

Jesús relocated this rosebush from the side of the house where it keeps getting run into by the trash can.
I have been doing most of the planting while Jesús has been pulling everything up and cleaning up the flower beds.

The Camelias that were already in the front planter are Blooming. Tamara says they were a gift from her brother. I'm glad they are still blooming, how special.

I planted a pot of herbs. Cilantro, Parsley and basil. The basil I planted from seeds and now I have 3 very cute little basil sprouts.

This is our vegetable garden. I have never planted vegetables and those of you who are thinking "those are way close together" I know. I am going to replant them. My mom informed me that the tomatoes are too close together and the squash on the left I discovered will take over the garden and need more room. I will be extending the garden either today or tomorrow. There are also red peppers and blueberries on the right.

My mom and I made a trip to White Forrest Nursery. I have never been there before and now I know that place is amazing. The people there are so friendly and the variety is extensive. I bought some Hydrangea and Gardenias. I also bought some Lily bulbs from Lowes but I'm not expecting anything big. There were supposed to be 10 in the bag and there were only 5. I think they were also supposed to be planted a while ago.
I also discovered that with gardening comes very dirty children. I let them turn on the hose and get muddy. Patrick was calling himself the mud monster and Elena got a little bit muddy and then was done. She wanted to go inside and take a bath. Patrick didn't realize that if he gets dirty he is going to have to get clean again. When we went to spray him off with the hose he was screaming and crying. I couldnt help but laugh. I should have felt bad for him but I didnt.

I had to show this picture. Patrick says that he is Peter Parker and he is stronger when he is naked. I let him run around like this for a while so he could feel really strong.


BrittanyB said...

I have never heard of strength coming from nudity. . . interesting theory ;) Hey, we are meeting at the park down the street from you for playgroup friday mornings if you want to come. 9:30-11:30

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Thanks for the invite, we can't go today, Patrick is getting over something and his fever is still dying down. But we can go next week.

Tenille Gates said...

Your garden is lookin great! Ours is full of weeds..and the dogs ate all of our strawberries **sigh**

Anonymous said...

The mud monster- hahaha. I love that Patrick! He makes me laugh. I can't believe how muddy he got! We will see you guys in a couple of weeks on Easter weekend. Can't wait!

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Tenille, do you want me to come pull your weeds for you? I wasnt joking about the loving gardening part. Janae, I cant wait to see you guys. We should plan something super fun!

Anonymous said...
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Papa Randy said...

Way Cute Kids!! I can't believe how much they have grown up. Sure has gone fast for me. Find Joy in the journey and Love ever second, my baby is going to be 24 in a month and I still can't believe it. You sure turned out to be a good mommy. Not that there was any doubt.