Saturday, September 29, 2012

Something for a rainy day

Texas has a lot more rain than we are used to and it can get a little crazy so since it was a saturday and we couldn't go outside and play, we went to Hobby Lobby and got a project for each of us to work on. I needed to make some baby blankets and Elena found a painting book she wanted and Jesús and Patrick found a fun excavation project. They had to hammer around in the block of dirt for dinosaur bones. They really enjoyed and we had a peaceful day.

Ashlyn's Texas style party

We went to Ashlyns birthday party and they had the coolest rocking horse. It was even big enough for adults. Kimberly's dad told me to get on it and I did fortunately I didn't get a picture of me on it. But I did get one of everyone else. It was such a fun party. We didn't even notice that it was raining outside.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Monster cookie night

We had a FHE with the Morenos and Caceres families and since halloween is coming up we decided monster cookies would be fun. I had already bought some stuff and made a ton of sugar cookies. The kids really had a good time and ate a lot of frosting and candy. A good prep for Halloween I think.

 The best part was devouring them of course

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A little friend and some projects

The other morning I got in the shower and found this little pink gecko hanging out in between the shower curtains. The are all over the apartment and I'm sure I have found this little guy running around the bathroom floor before. He stayed there the whole time I was in the shower. Little creeper.
 We had a craft  night at a friends house the other night and I made this burlap bubble wreath which I love. It was super easy to make and I can dress it up with any color I like pertaining to the upcoming holiday. 

 I also finished my necklace board with some clear glass knobs from lowes. In retrospect I should have gone to Hobby Lobby because the knobs would have been cheaper but I like the way it turned out.

Patricks award

Patrick won an award at school and was recognized at a PTA Meeting. He got his picture taken with the principal and vice principal. He got the prideful paws award for being caught doing good or being kind to fellow students.

I'm so proud of this sweet boy and that he is kind to those around him.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My little project and fun with the Caceres girls

I made a necklace holder for my growing collection of necklaces. Since we live in an apartment, I didn't have anywhere to paint it so I went to Roxanna's and Diego's house to use their driveway. I love the Caceres girls, they are so fun to hang out with.

 Here it is with after it dried but without the knobs. The Chevron is not even but its my first attempt. I will do things differently next time.

 The little girls and I hung out outside for while after I was done, they are so funny to listen to.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sara and Bryan's wedding Part II

(Prepare for a lot of pictures)
Early in the morning on the day of the actual wedding, August 14th, the girls all got up to go help decorate the cabin restaurant that the ring ceremony and reception was going to be held at.
Then we went home to get ready for the sealing. The sealing was beautiful and I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who sobbed through the whole thing. I was just so happy for Sara and Bryan and I am just a big sap. 
Then we went outside with the kids and family to wait for them to come out.
Elena is not dramatic at all.

 The little girls kept sitting at the door waiting to see them. Don't they looks so cute in their matching dresses??!!

 Then they came out!!!!! Introducing Bryan and Sara Luke!!!

 Ann Anderson tweaked Sara's dress, well actually overhauled it to make it look like the stunning dress in these photos. 

I loved her shoes and his socks. 

This is one of my favorite pictures because they are both laughing the same way with their heads tilted to the left. 

 Then we all headed over to the reception area up in the mountains. It was beautiful and cool and the perfect place for their reception.
 Here is Dad seeing her for the first time after the sealing. 

 I loved the decor. Simple and beautiful.

 Elena unfortunately fell climbing up the stone steps and busted her lip pretty good. She cried so hard that she fell asleep during the ring ceremony.

This is another one of my favorites. Drinking milk.

 The cake was made by none other than Sarah Jane Nolte. It was beautifully simple and perfect.

They left wearing pink and yellow matching shoes. Super cute.

Congratulations to the happy and gorgeous couple. I love the Lukes.