Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some random moments

So we have had been doing a bunch of stuff so this is just a bunch of random pictures.
We had school day at home one day and it turned into silly sticker time instead.
 Patrick and Elena were being silly and giving each other big hugs, I know its blurry but I love that she jumped up on him.
 I got a little crafty one day and made some flowers for hair accessories. It was fun and I like how they turned out.
 Elena has been our good eater and I love to catch those moments when she is digging into her food.
 I got out my sewing machine to see how it was working because before we moved it was having some issues. Well it worked fine!!! To celebrate I made Elena's old dress into a skirt so she could wear it longer. 
 Elena goes through little spurts where she loves playing with my hair. As much as I love that little pampering she gives me, sometimes she is rough and I lose some hair. I wont turn down a hair brushing though.

 I think I have been so used to pink crazy colorful sunsets in Bakersfield that I didn't expect much here. Well I was wrong! We have some of the most beautiful sunsets. 

 I was sick one day but wanted to accomplish something so I started going through my craft/fabric buckets and found some fabric I bought a year or so ago. I decided to try shirring fabric and see what I could do with it. I ended up making a dress for Elena which turned out pretty good. I have some other ideas I will have to work on now.