Sunday, September 2, 2012

Our 7th Anniversary

 We made it to 7!!! Hurray!!! It actually doesn't even seem that long. We decided to get a night to ourselves and had Jesús' parents watch the kids over night. I feel kind of bad about that because Patrick cried for us and wouldn't go to bed. We did have fun though. Jesús gets to go out to eat for work and has found some good places to eat and he took to me to this great place with sushi and some other crazy things.

Jesús tried octopus or squid or something. Gross.

 I tried oyster and snail. I was feeling daring. It was awful. Nothing tasted good afterwards. 

 Then we made our way over to Main Event for some black light golf and bowling and some arcade games. And to rehash the old days of dating, we played pool. I wish I would have got a picture of us playing. Mostly because I won. wink.
Then he beat me a few times at bowling but the last game I took over. It was a ton of fun. 

I'm so glad I have married my best friend and that we have a family together. I look forward to so many more of these.


Carla said...

Didn't you eat cow tongue or something here in Bakersfield? You're a brave woman. PS- Happy belated anniversary!

Mrs. Schmalison said...

I did. That was more nasty than the snail.