Saturday, September 15, 2012

Texas Rangers

Our youth got to go to a Rangers game as end of summer activity. Luckily I had just been called as Young Women president and got to go with them. It was such a fun game!! The stadium was absolutely packed and the entertainment was awesome. They sang and danced and did the wave and had elvis's riding mini motorcycles around the stadium. We were there on Firework Friday and they turned all the lights off in the stadium so we could watch the fireworks. 

 The stadium was amazing. We were right above home plate so we had a great view of everything. I went out with one of the young women and noticed that I could see Cowboys stadium from being so high up. Their stadium seemed to be glowing. Now I want to go there just to see what its like. 

 I seriously had so much fun and I got to know one my new counselors better. This is the picture I sent to miss Amber Cola so she would want to come to Texas even more. I hope it worked.


David said...

we did a cowboys stadium tour there and it was awesome. it is $17 a person for adults and you walk yourself down on the field and through the tunnel and locker rooms for the players and cheerleaders. one of my favorite things we did.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

We'll have to look into it. I think it would be cool to walk around their.