Friday, October 7, 2011

Hannahs Birthday Party in Pink

We went to the Randalls house for Hannahs Pink birthday party. I love going there and I always take a gazillion pictures. This was also Jesús' first time being there and I think he really liked it.

The first thing to do was hang the tire swing which was probably the most entertaining.
Look up in the tree. Yes thats Cory. I was pretty sure he was going to walk away from this situation as a paraplegic. Luckily he was fine and the swing got hung.
Patrick got his birthday present from the Randalls while we were there which were walkie Talkies. He and Caleb played with them the rest of the day. They even used them while sitting right next to each other.
The girls really enjoyed the swing

Patrick wanted to try out the bow and arrow. I did too but of course I got hurt.
Aren't they cute?
Jesús wanted a turn also.
Hannah opened presents. This was my favorite picture.

Susie made her this awesome dress. I hope someday I can be as good a seamstress as she is.
After trying on the dress she got a tinkerbell dress which she also needed to wear that second.

Elena enjoyed Hannahs new book with Grandma
Stephanie read the kids a very cute story about a girl and the color pink while the kids ate their cupcakes.
Then the boys all made their way to the pond for a little fishing.
I think Jesús enjoyed that time the most. I think he caught 7 or 8 fish.
Daddy teaching son to fish. Have you heard the saying if you teach a man to fish? Well here it is in the making.
We walked around the property for a while and checked out the barn.

Then Grandma played ring around the rosie with the girls

Then the boys tried the other side of the pond for fishing. I took the girls back to the house for a movie and books.

It really was so fun. Jesús wants to go back and do more fishing. There was a huge fish he wants to try and catch. Happy Birthday Hannah. Thanks for the great party!

New Homework Schedule

Since Patrick started Kindergarten he has had to do homework. At first he cried and complained the whole time that it wasn't fun. It took 2 hours to finish. Then he worked a little more and it only took 1 hour. After a while it only 30 minutes and now we are down to 15 minutes. Its great. He actually says YAY when I say its homework time. It has helped me also so get on a schedule a little bit. He has become more creative and more interested in writing and drawing. He is even reading a little. I'm so glad that he is doing well.

My little flapper

Elena has been dressing up like crazy lately. I find her dress up dresses all over the house because she is changing them so often. She is such a girly girl.

Ice Cream at Grandmas

Went to Grandmas after church on Sunday and had dinner and ice cream. We played outside on the grass until it was time to go.
The kids found butterfly wings but no whole butterflies.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Elena started pre-school on September 7th. She was super excited and not scared at all. She didn't even look back which is very much like her. She has been waiting to use her new princess lunchbox and she is loving every second of it.

Patrick is 5!!!

I can't believe I have a 5 year old. Its just strange. Patrick turned 5 on September 5th. I took some pictures of him the Sunday before.

The morning of his birthday I got up early and bought him some balloons and they were waiting outside his door. For breakfast I made him cinnamon roll pancakes which were really good but I probably won't make them again because there was soooo much sugar in them.
Patrick found Birthday hats in the cupboard and wanted to wear one all day.

I told him that he could do what he wanted to and he wanted to go to Grandmas house and go to her park. I let him drive the golf cart (while he sat in my lap).
There are two playgrounds at the park and each one has a age range. We never follow it but he was actually part of the 5-12 playground crowd.

I asked Patrick what he wanted for lunch and he said Jack in the Box which is weird because we haven't eaten there for a while. I'm surprised he didn't ask for iHop which seems to be his favorite restaurant right now.
When we got home Jesús was waiting at the door and told Patrick he couldn't come in until he got all his 5 year old protective gear on. He said that when you turn 5 you get hurt a lot and you need to wear knee pads and elbow pads to protect yourself. He asked if Caleb had to do this too when he turned 5.
However it was all really because we got him a scooter. He was super happy. This was the only present he got his actual birthday because he was going to have a birthday party later.
Patrick wasn't sure where he wanted to eat dinner so Jesús told him about a place where you can eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor. Still I'm surprised he didn't pick iHop.

He got sung to and got all this goofy stuff put on him. He loved it.
We stopped at Target on the way home and told him that he could pick out one present so he picked out the Optimus Prime mask and let Elena wear his spiderman mask.
I'm so happy we have this sweet boy in our lives. He has made our lives magical since he was born and I am grateful everyday that I'm his mom.