Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Best in the West

We had the opportunity to go to the fair 3 times this year. The first time we went opening night when it was free. Next we went Monday night with family. Last I took the kids with Patricks preschool group for school days. It was fun but tiring. Here are the pictures, I only got pictures of the last two times.
Patrick was a little scared touching the cow but Jesús wanted him to try.

Sara really wanted to touch the cow

Elena was really nervous being left by the cows

This was Elenas face most of the time in the animal area, she was very nervous

She did like to look at the baby chicks

She got to pet the bunny and was scared but very soft with it. She was very sweet.

She got pretty tired and rode around like this
We had to get corn dogs and corn on the cob. Sooooo good.

Elena had a soda, she tried not to fall in

And this is pretty much the only reason we come to the fair. Cinnamon rolls.

So worth the
Elena had her first bite and loved it

I felt really bad I didnt get any pictures of Patrick the night before but no worries, we were going to be going again in the morning.
Petting the cow

Looking at a very loud goat
He is actually not really in this picture but the kids were cute while they pet the sheep
Trying not to get bit by the pigs.

looking at very large turkey, I dont think I had ever seen a real turkey. It was huge! I swear it would have eaten both my children.
This duck looked like Einstein.
Patrick got to ride in the wagon. As we were about to leave we heard a commotion over by the pregnant cow pen so we walked over. We were in luck, one the cows were giving birth. It was beautiful and disgusting at the same time. I climbed up on the bleachers with Patrick so he could see the whole thing. He thought it was cool. Afterwards we went and had lunch and then made our way back out to the car. My mom came along which made things so much easier, I dont think Stephanie and I could have done it without her. Thanks Mom!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


This week the kids reached a couple of milestones, very important ones to me. First, since Tuesday Patrick has been out of diapers and completely in underwear. I am so happy, I have heard that he could regress and have accidents but for now I am just enjoying that I dont have to change his nasty diapers. I have gotten a little tired of waiting for Elena to fall asleep while I breast feed her so I decided it was time for her to put herself to sleep. So 3 days ago I let her cry it out for 30 minutes and she didn't fall asleep and I couldnt handle letting her cry so I went and got her. The next day I let her do it for 45 minutes and wound up with the same outcome. The next day, she only cried for maybe 10 minutes and she fell asleep!! The next day all her naps and bedtime were done by letting her cry and it only lasted 5 minutes or so. The day after, her nap took 45 minutes of crying but she went down. Now, thats how she goes down every time. Yeah!

Bath time with her black eye

Patrick wanted his picture taken

Here is Elena folding her arms for prayer. Her new talent.

She loves to carry her purse around

Here is Elena helping me empty the dishwasher the other day

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Latest project

I have been wanting to make Elena a dress, so the other day I started one. It only took me 3 days and no pattern. I need to work on little things when I sew, like straight lines and that kind of stuff. Hopefully I will improve with practice. I do have some fabric for another dress but maybe I will get a pattern for it. I also learned something else, when I sew nothing else gets done. Im going to have to learn to do both chores and sewing.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Promise me

My heart is heavy and I am feeling sorry for myself. I'm thinking of how much I will miss having a little baby in our house, and in my arms. I tell myself again and again that I am grateful for what I have and that we dont need more than two but it still hurts to know I will never experience it again. All of it. The excitement of finding out, the movement of the little spirit you have been blessed to carry, seeing that sweet unique face for the very first time, and crazy happiness of figuring it out all over again. Dear friends, please promise me you will let me come over and hold your little angels. Please promise. I'll get my fix and then leave. Promise.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Shiner

I need to post this before I forget. Sunday evening Patrick wasn't paying any attention to where he was going and ran right over Elena and kneed her right in the eye. There was a bruise in seconds and by the next day it looked awful. I kept thinking that she has her 12 month check-up Tuesday and the Dr. was just going to call CPS and take my kids away, luckily she said she sees it all the time especially around this age.

A few hours after it happened she didn't seem to mind

She even cleared out all my Ensigns and climbed into my bedside table

I asked Patrick if he felt bad and he said "yeah.......no" I don't think he quite understands what happened.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Look what Jesús found

Jesus found this great site www.wordle.net all we did was put in our blogs and this is what we got!

Friday, September 11, 2009

She's a walker

Thursday, September 10, 2009

So long Fuji Apples

So the turtle we found during the summer ended up with the name Fuji Apples (Patrick named him) and I was getting a little tired cleaning out his tank and believe me, turtles smell. He also seemed to be getting tired of his very small tank so we thought it might be a good idea to find him a new home. We couldnt afford a new tank so we talked about putting him back in the lake where we are pretty sure he came from or giving him away or something to that extent. Well one day while doing my visiting teaching, I discovered that Bishop Dunn has a wonderful little pond in his backyard. I thought it would be perfect, that way I could still take Patrick to see the turtle and Fuji would have tons of room to swim but not be in a big scary lake. Well last night I talked to Sister Dunn and she said they would love that. So we had our family home evening last night and all we did was relocate the turtle.
We had Patrick put him in the water and we thought he was just going to set him in but instead he just kind of tossed him. He absolutely loved his new home, he started swimming and climbing on rocks and diving down.
Here are some pictures of his new home, try and find him, he's kinda small.

Random Stuff

Patrick started his first day of pre-school yesterday and he was so excited he couldnt stop talking about it. He is in the younger class just because he still needs to learn how to listen but I'm sure sister Ricks will do a wonderful job and I know he will listen to her.
Patrick helped me out with making dinner the other night and he wanted to wear a chefs hat. Doesnt Elena look excited?
Elena is still climbing as always and I found her in the book basket the other day
Elena fell asleep the other day in the middle of lunch with food in her hand, I dont think Patrick ever did that, is was so sweet.

Camping trip part II

The next day we went to Pismo for a little clam chowder and quick beach time
We had some yummy Splash Cafe, Jesus had never had it before and now he says its the best he's ever hadPatrick wouldnt try it but Elena loved it!

Elena even took her spoon to play with in the sand

Elena loved the beach and wanted to go play in the water but we weren't really prepared for beach time so we didnt let her get wet

The first time we ever took Patrick to the beach he was afraid of the waves, but this time he loved them!

The day before we left we wanted to spend some time at the beach and we had no idea that Elena was a beach babe but as soon as we put her down she went right for the water

Patrick and Daddy had a great time building a sandcastle and getting muddy

It was a great time and I would recommend the Morro Bay State Park to everyone. So much stuff to do and so close. We had a great time and I would love to go back. The kids did too, I have never seen Patrick get so dirty, he loved playing in the dirt the whole time he got to run around the whole time.