Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Shiner

I need to post this before I forget. Sunday evening Patrick wasn't paying any attention to where he was going and ran right over Elena and kneed her right in the eye. There was a bruise in seconds and by the next day it looked awful. I kept thinking that she has her 12 month check-up Tuesday and the Dr. was just going to call CPS and take my kids away, luckily she said she sees it all the time especially around this age.

A few hours after it happened she didn't seem to mind

She even cleared out all my Ensigns and climbed into my bedside table

I asked Patrick if he felt bad and he said "" I don't think he quite understands what happened.


Jimmy Bunting said...

and all this time I thought it was just chocolate.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Of course you did

The Potter Pack said...

Nice shiner ... Hey ... I got your email about sharing some of Elena's clothes ... and I will totally take some if you want to give them up ... of course we don't know what it is ... and this whole time we thought it was a boy .... but the last several dr appts the heartrate has been 160+ and they say that could be a girl - plus I am carrying high I guess - a few people have said ... and that is another indication of a girl ... but we shall see. ANyway, I would love some of her clothes - thanks !

Anonymous said...

ouch! That thing looks brutal- but it looks like Elena got over it quickly- kids do that- one minute, they're crying and the next they are running around laughing. I guess that's a lesson we can learn from them.:0)
Missed you guys at the Dodgers game- hope your family is well.