Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beware the many posts


I havent posted some of the things we have done so here are a few of our missing adventures
We went camping a couple of weeks ago to The Morro Bay State Park. It was an awesome camp ground and I would love to go back. The weather was great except that it was a little hot in the sun and our camp site didnt have a lot of shade.
when we got there is was just starting to get cool so we changed Elena in some warmer clothes and let her play in the car while we pulled stuff out. Then she got passed around while stuff was set up.

Cooking around the fire with Bens usual picture face

The first night this misty fog rolled in and it got kinda cold, nothing we couldnt handle

We strapped Elena's chair to the bench, and it was much easier to feed her

you can see all the mist in this picture

We got Elena all bundled up in the beanie Sara made for her
Patrick had a great time climblinb on everything
Elena loved riding in the wagon

Staying hydrated

Jesus and I took the kids on a walk, there are signs all over the campground telling about the history of Morro Bay

Grandma and Grandpa brought their wagon

There was a natural history museum right across the street from the campground and next to the marina. It had a great view.

The museum was free to campers and the kids loved it because it was all hands on.

The best part of the museum was a balcony in the back. It had these whale bones they got just a few months ago. There was a whale on the beach and they waited for it decompose and brought the bones here. It was also a great place to watch the seals and otters in the water, and the brown pelicans were diving into the water.