Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Best in the West

We had the opportunity to go to the fair 3 times this year. The first time we went opening night when it was free. Next we went Monday night with family. Last I took the kids with Patricks preschool group for school days. It was fun but tiring. Here are the pictures, I only got pictures of the last two times.
Patrick was a little scared touching the cow but Jesús wanted him to try.

Sara really wanted to touch the cow

Elena was really nervous being left by the cows

This was Elenas face most of the time in the animal area, she was very nervous

She did like to look at the baby chicks

She got to pet the bunny and was scared but very soft with it. She was very sweet.

She got pretty tired and rode around like this
We had to get corn dogs and corn on the cob. Sooooo good.

Elena had a soda, she tried not to fall in

And this is pretty much the only reason we come to the fair. Cinnamon rolls.

So worth the
Elena had her first bite and loved it

I felt really bad I didnt get any pictures of Patrick the night before but no worries, we were going to be going again in the morning.
Petting the cow

Looking at a very loud goat
He is actually not really in this picture but the kids were cute while they pet the sheep
Trying not to get bit by the pigs.

looking at very large turkey, I dont think I had ever seen a real turkey. It was huge! I swear it would have eaten both my children.
This duck looked like Einstein.
Patrick got to ride in the wagon. As we were about to leave we heard a commotion over by the pregnant cow pen so we walked over. We were in luck, one the cows were giving birth. It was beautiful and disgusting at the same time. I climbed up on the bleachers with Patrick so he could see the whole thing. He thought it was cool. Afterwards we went and had lunch and then made our way back out to the car. My mom came along which made things so much easier, I dont think Stephanie and I could have done it without her. Thanks Mom!!


Connie de said...

You're welcome. It was fun but I came home and had a nap.

The Potter Pack said...

How fun ... I only went to the fair one year when we lived there and it was a great time .... however, I go for the funnel cakes! Anyway, love the pics ... I definitely want you to share Elena's clothes with me if this is a girl ... she always looks cute !! Anyway, got your message about coming to visit and that would be a blast !! I would love it - my mom gets here on Oct 6th - 28th - and then it will be Halloween - so, maybe sometime in Nov before Thanksgiving ??!! Would that work for you ?? Love and miss you guys !!