Sunday, September 27, 2009


This week the kids reached a couple of milestones, very important ones to me. First, since Tuesday Patrick has been out of diapers and completely in underwear. I am so happy, I have heard that he could regress and have accidents but for now I am just enjoying that I dont have to change his nasty diapers. I have gotten a little tired of waiting for Elena to fall asleep while I breast feed her so I decided it was time for her to put herself to sleep. So 3 days ago I let her cry it out for 30 minutes and she didn't fall asleep and I couldnt handle letting her cry so I went and got her. The next day I let her do it for 45 minutes and wound up with the same outcome. The next day, she only cried for maybe 10 minutes and she fell asleep!! The next day all her naps and bedtime were done by letting her cry and it only lasted 5 minutes or so. The day after, her nap took 45 minutes of crying but she went down. Now, thats how she goes down every time. Yeah!

Bath time with her black eye

Patrick wanted his picture taken

Here is Elena folding her arms for prayer. Her new talent.

She loves to carry her purse around

Here is Elena helping me empty the dishwasher the other day


The Potter Pack said...

DUDE ... Dylan has been in underwear forever now ... but refuses to poop on the toilet - so, everyday - he brings a diaper and says - I have to poop and then 10 minutes later he comes to me and says - change me. IT IS SOOO ANNOYING !! He is almost 4 !! I have tried and tried to put him on when he feels the "urge" ... but he freaks out - screaming and crying and freakin' out !! It is annoying but it is fairly easy to deal with ... I just wish he would be 100% in underwear instead of 90! And Zoie is totally difficult too ... she has only peed once on the toilet ... Now I will have 3 in diapers ! AGHHH

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Man that stinks, but I think they might regress and have more accidents. So I didnt pressure him I just asked each time and once he did it himself and saw how easy it was and from that point on he was totally ready.