Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Time

I was sick a few weeks ago, really sick, but when I started to feel better, I decided it was time to put the Christmas stuff up. I could only do it for about an hour and a half before I lost all my energy.

Jesús decided we needed a bigger tree, so we donated ours to my sister and her apartment and he found one on sale. Its a little bigger and pre-lit so it was nice not to have to string it with lights. Although, I do miss the process a little bit.
The kids enjoyed riding the old Christmas tree until it was time to put the decorations on the new one.
I love the look of the front room all decorated. Our new fireplace screen adds a more homey feel to it and the stockings were truly hunt by the chimney with care.

New Camera

When I was getting my hair cut, I wanted Patrick to take a picture of my hair before it was cut and well.....he dropped and broke the camera. Whoops. So we ended up getting a good deal on a really good camera from Target on Black Friday. This is the first picture I took. The picture is looking up because I was taking a picture from bed when I was sick.

Locks of Love

I was getting a little tired of my long hair. It was getting tangled underneath by my neck when I would leave it down. It took forever to brush it and dry it and style it. So I decided to donate my hair to locks of love. I miss my long hair but it's so nice not to be doing my hair for hours.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Jesus had meetings in Pasadena in early November so my mom watched the kids for the night while we spent the night in Old Town Pasadena. We went out to eat at this amazing Thai restaurant that was right next to our hotel and then we walked around to check out all the little stores and get some pumpkin and chocolate ice cream. Yum! The next day Jesús had meetings from 9 till 3 so I wandered around all day and did some shopping. When he was done we headed home, but made sure to stop on the way to Christmas shopping for the kids and get some dinner.

This was the beautiful apartment complex that was attached to the little outdoor shopping center. I would live there.

We stopped at this sandwich place for dinner and their sandwiches were really good. Its in Valencia in the Ross and Marshals parking lot. (cute picture right?)
One of the things I loved the most from our shopping in Pasadena (other than my really cute shoes) was this fruit basket. I have wanted a fruit basket for the longest time (weird I know). But I have been using my plain glass baking and mixing bowls and whenever I need them they are filled with fruit! So now I have a two tier fruit basket! Whoohoo!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Halloween Weekend

We went to our ward Halloween party on the Friday before Halloween and I took the camera but forgot to take any pictures. Luckily David and Jimmy had a little photo shoot area set up. I wanted pictures of the kids in their costumes but they were soooo tired that I gave up after Elena.
We did a family photo shoot, of course both children are looking at the light. Except Patrick looks like he's going to be beamed up.
I did get pictures of the kids when we got home. They were dead tired. Patrick is kind of creepy when he puts his mask on. He stops talking and runs or walks around all quiet.
Then on Saturday my brother Ben and his lovely wife Janae came to town so we went to my Mom and Dads to carve pumpkins and get ready for the Monica Ward party. Jesús later told me that Patrick somehow managed to bend all the pumpkin carving knives.
This was Daddy and Patricks pumpkin
And this is the one I carved later after the party.
Elena isn't allowed to touch sharp objects so she got to watch.
Then we headed to the party which was sooo much fun.
Good and bad spiderman
Jesús was tired of pictures.
Patrick won a Squeeze it and was so happy about it.
Elena really enjoyed the food.
Patrick was nervous about trick or treating inside because the lights were off.
Elena really wanted some candy
And I actually got a picture of Ben smiling.
And crusty Randy with his mullet.
And I actually got a picture of Brandon Holladay with his Angel wings. Awesome.
After the party we went to Grandmas to find a scary movie to watch and Patrick and Elena danced for us.
Since Sunday was actually Halloween, we decided to keep the Sabbath day holy and just go for a walk out side. I think Hannah was in Grandmas t-shirt because she was starting the potty training process.
the kids love flashlights so we gave them each one while we walked around the block and Grandma made scary sounds.
Then the girls needed to play in Grandpas truck. They needed to.
And that is the end of our very long Halloween weekend.


I had to get a picture of Elena in the bath the other day. She had taken all the toys and soap and buckets out and set them on the side of the tub. It was pretty funny.

Say hello Hampers!!

Jesús got home from a long trip to Monterey and we celebrated his homecoming by going to dinner at Subway and walking over to Petsmart. The kids always enjoy looking at all the fish and the birds and rodents. Well for some reason this time we actually left with to of them. We bought two Robo Dwarf Hamsters. We thought they were so funny because there were so many on the wheel. Elena calls them Hampers, its cute, unfortunately I keep calling them that. For some reason Patrick came up with the name pepper, and when we asked Elena what she wanted to name her she said 2. Well I didn't want to keep calling a hamster 2 so we talked about it and Jesús said what about Sarge? So thats what stuck, Sarge and Pepper. Get it? We got them a cage and food and a fun little ball to roll in.Sorry for the red picture, the bottom of their cage is red plastic. We did lose one but we got to exchange the dead one for a live one for free. Nice huh? So now we have Sarge 2 and pepper. A little bit of extra responsibility but at least its not a dog or cat. We're training the kids for something bigger someday.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

29 year old rambling

I'm skipping some posts but I wanted to post this because today is actually my birthday. Things were tough today. Patrick has been sick and I took him to the doctor finally yesterday. By the time we got there his temp was 103.8 and he needed an injection of antibiotics and a dose of tylenol. The tylenol didn't even help much so I sat in the doctors office with cool towels trying to cool him off, while in the background Elena was throwing a fit over my phone. We were told he might have a possible UTI. So that was yesterday. Also, Jesus has been working non-stop on his daily job at KCSOS and his part time job at Henley's. They have been trying to get ready for the Grand Reopening. But last night he never came home because he was working all night. At 6:30 he came in and gave me a dozen red roses and kissed me. One of the many reasons I love him, the sweet little things he does.
So next stop, doctors office. Patricks fever was a little lower so the antibiotics seemed to be working but we wouldnt hear about the UTI until tomorrow. But I told her he had been coughing and she was worried he might have Pneumonia. She sent us (the kids and I) across the street for a chest x-ray. Unfortunately Elena couldnt go back to the room with us and they needed me with him. So I left and took Elena to Jesus at work and drove back to get the x-ray. The wait was about an hour long. Finally we got called back and the x-ray tech was so rude and had no clue how to deal with children. So after two attempts he seemed pleased and we left. Of course Patricks temp started to spike again so I picked up his prescription after a trip to Target where Elena threw several fits trying to throw all our stuff out of the car. When we got home he fell asleep and finally so did Elena. Peace and quiet. I started getting ready as Jesus got home and Surprise, there was Sara!!! Yea!!!!! I love when Sara comes to visit. Jesus and I got dressed up and headed to the Henley's V.I.P. party where there was great food and great company. I even got sung to and enjoyed a yummy cupcake which was exactly what I wanted instead of cake.
The day started rough but ended up being wonderful. To top it off, there were so many sweet messages on my facebook page. I feel so loved, and on a day like today I needed it more than ever.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Two Fences!!!

So we had a new fence put in a few months ago on our right side in the backyard and we love the look of it. We were so excited to get a call that a new fence would be going in on our left. We know that the neighbors have been anxious for a new fence because they have two large dogs that have to be chained up so they dont come through the holes in the fence. But we were excited because it would no longer look like this!

So Marc Hansen and his dad came over and put in a new pretty fence. I know he has been so busy getting his own house done and preparing for a new baby so we were so grateful when he took time out of his busy schedule to come and do this.
Look at all that junk that was holding the fence together!
And the finished product, minus the junk. Doesnt it look awesome!!! I cant wait to landscape that area. I have so many plans.

Don't arrest me officer

Elena came in one day while I was laying on the bed and wanted to try on Patricks Police costume. I thought she looked hilarious.Trying to figure out how to get it on. Sometimes she wears huge hats and can't see a thing, but she still wears them because she thinks she looks cool.
I'm pretty sure I got arrested for being lazy.

Halloween Cookies

Fun Jar to the rescue!!!! We got a little bored and I had bought some sugar cookie mix so I decided it was a great day to make Halloween cookies. I decided to do it while Elena was sleeping so Patrick could get some one on one time with Mommy.He's not bored anymore!
Enjoying the fruits of our labors
I think the frosting was terrible, if anyone has a yummy frosting recipe they want to share, I'm all ears.