Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Say hello Hampers!!

Jesús got home from a long trip to Monterey and we celebrated his homecoming by going to dinner at Subway and walking over to Petsmart. The kids always enjoy looking at all the fish and the birds and rodents. Well for some reason this time we actually left with to of them. We bought two Robo Dwarf Hamsters. We thought they were so funny because there were so many on the wheel. Elena calls them Hampers, its cute, unfortunately I keep calling them that. For some reason Patrick came up with the name pepper, and when we asked Elena what she wanted to name her she said 2. Well I didn't want to keep calling a hamster 2 so we talked about it and Jesús said what about Sarge? So thats what stuck, Sarge and Pepper. Get it? We got them a cage and food and a fun little ball to roll in.Sorry for the red picture, the bottom of their cage is red plastic. We did lose one but we got to exchange the dead one for a live one for free. Nice huh? So now we have Sarge 2 and pepper. A little bit of extra responsibility but at least its not a dog or cat. We're training the kids for something bigger someday.