Thursday, November 4, 2010

10 year Reunion

My 10 year reunion was on September 15th and I wanted to wear a dress. I went shopping with my Mom, Sara and Stephanie and I must have tried on 100 dresses and I finally picked two. Shelley Kirk did my make-up and hair and I borrowed some accessories from a friend. It was kind of awkward and I was a little embarrassed for some of the people there that got drunk and ridiculous but it was fun to see old friends and fun to hang out with my honey for the night. I was proud to show him off and glad to have him with me.
These are my friends Lindsay and Srey.
And with Lindsay, Paloma and Srey.
With Paloma, Jenna and Jennifer.
And me with the hottest guy there.


Connie de said...

Finally!! Cute page too.