Friday, November 5, 2010

Volkslauf 2010

This summer I started running because Marci Neville told me that if I wanted to get in shape I should sign up for something and train for it. So she encouraged me to sign up for the Volkslauf. So I was able to run over 4 miles without stopping and I felt ready for at least the running portion. Well, I think I could have pushed through the running part had it not have been for my bad mommy bladder. My wonderful sister and wonderful friend Lori stayed with me the whole time and kept encouraging me. I was not prepared for the strength part of it but next year, I will.

Here we are all clean and ready to go.
Waiting for the race to start, with the sun in our eyes. The race started an hour late due to a traffic problem.
If you can click on this picture you can see my expression, this was basically my expression throughout the race. Sad huh? Next year I'll be smiling the whole way!!
Helping Lori over the bars. I didn't even tempt these. The only obstacle I didn't do.
Pulling myself out of this hole by the rope was so dang hard. It was probably the only hole I didn't get help getting out of.
The pipes were actually pretty fun and nice and cool inside.
Looking tired! But I ran between each obstacle to better my time.
We often got held up by all the people trying to get out or up.
Here is Sara on the logs.
See, running.
Sara and I sat on the edge of this thing trying to figure out how to get down. I was afraid of rope burn but Lori just jumped down so we did too. I'm pretty sure I asked them to catch me.
The very last mud hole
We held hands to finish the race
Here we are right as we crossed the finish line. Sara was all smiles and I looked like I was going to pass out.
There's the smile.
Yea!!!! We finished and smelled like poo but it felt good to finish.


StephanieBoots said...

You've been 'Bizzay' I love the new look and all the fun memories that we never be forgotten! Good job Alison. Keep us posted!

Sonnet and Christian said...

I am so jealous! SOmeone talked me into running the Volkslauf too once, but then they didn't have the race that year. I have always wanted to do it. Now I live in another state. Good for you!

Connie de said...

So are you in training again?