Monday, January 28, 2013

My little helper

Elena wanted to help me wash the dishes and make the treat. She's such a good helper. 

 We made brownie mini donuts. So good. They didn't last long. I ended up packing up the rest so we didn't eat them all. I thought maybe I should take the rest to the Meakins and it turned out she needed some help so I was glad I followed my instincts (spirit).

 I love this sweet little girl when she tries to help with the dishes. She mostly plays in the water but its fun for us to hang out together.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Grandma Shelley's birthday

We went to Grandma and Grandpas house to celebrate Grandma Shelley's birthday. The kids got to have giant cupcakes. The girls loved them. Patrick has decided that he is going to be like his dad and not like chocolate frosting. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Just some stuff

We've had some up and down weather. Storms and cold and sunny warm weather. I guess I'm still not used to it. It rained so much that Patricks school playground was flooded. 

 We had a family home evening with popcorn and movies. I love when we're together like this.

 Patrick wanted a library card so we went and got one. He's so excited to have it to himself. He gets so excited to look at all the books.

 It snowed again. Yuck. Blah. Cold. This time it didn't stick but I'm totally ok with that.

 Elena wanted to do my hair with her cute little hair toys. I love it. Its very relaxing.

 Kimberly is about to burst so we went and got pedicures with Janelle. I had to run right after mine were done but it was so fun to get together with them. 

 Ivy is loving taking naps in the sun these days. Ivy and I aren't the best of friends because she annoys me. Sometimes she's cute but she's a pain most of the time. 

 Patrick who is a very picky eater but we finally got him to eat nachos the other day and he loved them! I know they aren't healthy but hey, One small step for man......or boy.......

 The kids and I played out in the front yard and Ivy wanted to join us. She cried and cried at the door. I might have laughed a little. 

 This is from one the warm sunny days that we picked up Patrick. I can't wait for summer.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

First week of the new year

So I decided that I want to do a juice fast to get the year started off right.  I love seeing all the produce.

 Ivy's getting bigger and she's made a friend. Patricks little bean bag dog has become her favorite play thing.

 Patrick loves going to IHOP because of the make a face pancake so I made him one at home and he loved it!! Way better than crazy sugary syrup.

Elena got a bike from Christmas so I started taking the kids to the park and the library to practice.

Our library has a wonderful pond and ducks and swans! They are beautiful. 

 I love going for runs there and walks with the kids.

And luckily the kids get totally worn out.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Eve

I was feeling very great on New Years but I wouldn't have missed hanging with the Colas to ring in the new year. Patrick and Roegan had a blast being army guys together with all of Roegans new Christmas army presents.

Jesús and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary of the night we got engaged. Love him.

 And of course Amber and I got a little tipsy on the sparkling cider. You just can't trust us around that stuff.

 And I'm surprised Elena stayed up the whole time. She hadn't even taken a nap! She of course crashed in the car as soon as we left.
Happy New Year!!!!! Here's to a bright and wonderful 2013!!!