Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Elena moments

Yesterday I was up early because we forgot to take the garbage can out and I had to run it across the street so it could be emptied. So I was up checking my email while the kids were sleeping. After a while I heard "Mommy?" coming from the green room with the white crib. I went and opened up the door and Elena gave me a sad pout. I lifted her from her crib and she said she wanted down. I set her on the floor and she immediately laid down to have her diaper changed. She was done having a wet bum. I guess from now on she will tell will be making the diaper decisions.

Today Elena fell asleep in the highchair. Again. I watched her for a minute picking at her string cheese with sleepy eyes. A moment later I looked back over to watch her drooping head. I cleaned her off and carried her off to her bed. I laid her down and tried to slowly pull my arm out from under her. She got woke up and got mad and said "No. Mine" she pulled my arm back under her and laid back down. I stood there for a minute trying to figure out how I could solve this without having to stand next to her crib for 2 hours. I grabbed Minnie Mouse and stuck her where my arm was and that solved it. She slept with Minnie's hat in her mouth.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

While the boys are away....

We watched Elmos World, blahhhhhhhhh

Isn't she adorable though?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Last night

The boys went with College Heights ward to the Fathers and Sons camp out. Jesús was very excited to take Patrick for the first time. Elena and I hung out at home for a nice little girls night. We ate chips and dip and pop-tarts, my body is hating me today for it. I let her stay up late while we watched some tv and for some reason she wanted to put plastic baggies on her hands and rub them on my legs. We went to bed at 10. At 3:30 I woke up from a dead sleep to the sound of a doorbell then I heard our neighbors dog start barking. Our neighbor next door has come over before late at night to borrow a thermometer for her little girl but when I got up to look out the front door there was no one there. Then I tried to think of what I had heard. It wasn't our front doorbell, it was our back doorbell. We have this doorbell by our back door that sounds differently from our front doorbell. I turned on all the lights and called my mom and then the police. The police were there in 10 minutes and I was terrified the whole time. I had a big pocket knife I bought a long time ago and I kept that with me and my phone. The police checked everything out and said that there wasn't any one in the backyard now and that its good I keep a pole in our sliding door, they will not be able to open the door with that there. I left all the lights on and made sure the baby was safe and went back to bed, I couldnt sleep, every sound was like someone breaking in. I can't say enough how grateful I was when the sun came up.

I should blog about Mothers Day

Besides, I have one and I am one. My mothers day gifts were a new pair of sunglasses from Disneyland and a new iPhone. My phone stopped working which was frustrating because we have no home phone any more, just cell phones. Jesús and I had been debating which phone to get so one day we went to buy the phone I had picked out and after discovering all the new little fees they had add to newer phones, we decided that it would just be better to get the best phone out there. I love it. But other than that, I woke up on Sunday morning and Jesús made me a yummy breakfast and we got the kids ready for church. We all got roses brought to us by the young men in our ward while we sat in relief society, it was very sweet. After church we went to my Moms, luckily with Sara's schedule she was in town and got to celebrate with us. Mom got to play with the crazy kids while we made a yummy dinner. Mom got us all certificates to get pedicures which I desperately need. We made a flower pot with the kids hand prints on them and I planted some flowers in it. It was fun but next year I am going to think of something even better. She deserves the best.
I do have to say that being a Mother has been the biggest responsibility of my life, it has forced me to work harder than I ever have. Its all so worth it though. When I hold my kids at night I cant believe how much I love them and how much I would do for them. I am so proud to have been blessed by these two sweet spirits. Some days are hard to think that I don't get to have anymore and its hard to see everyone around me getting pregnant and having little tiny babies but then I look at my kids and realize that I am glad to just be here to experience all the little things that they do. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Disneyland 2010

Well we made our annual trip to Disneyland. We drove up Wednesday and met Grandma and the Cory Randalls at a hotel right down the street. Sara drove down from Utah to join in the fun as well. We went to Downtown Disney the night before to hang out and have dinner. While we were walking around I saw a guy that looked like Ken Jeong who plays Señor Chang on Community he has also been some other movies, we think he is hilarious. Well I watched him walk past me and I told Jesús who I thought it was and he said he was pretty sure it was him. We followed him to the sunglasses stand and Jesús got a picture with him. He is wearing a Duke hat because thats where he went to school to become a doctor, yep he is a funny doctor.Elena was not feeling well the last part of the trip, it was almost like she needed to go to the bathroom. She was uncomfortable for the rest of the night and barely ate a thing. So the next morning she wasn't feeling well and her stomach was as hard as a rock. So she was very whiny and uncomfortable. But here they are getting ready to go into the park.
We went to California Adventures first since we hadn't been there before. We headed to the bugs life area so the kids could get on some rides. She did smile a little on the little rides and say wee a couple times. Patrick was in heaven, it wasnt busy and we walked onto every ride. He was having the greatest time.

We went on the Heimlich train a couple times, once by ourselves and once with the rest of the group. It was slow but fun for the kids.

We took the kids to the bugs life 3D movie and it scared the C-R-A-P out of them. Then we walked around to find everyone else. We got around to Soaring over California and we really wanted to ride but Patrick was too short. Mom and Sara took our kids and Hannah and we went on it with Cory, Stephanie and Caleb. It was so amazing that I sort of cried.
When we got off the ride Elena was so uncomfortable and just whined and wanted to be held. We decided to have lunch right outside of Soaring over California and across the way was Mater and Lightening McQueen. I took Elena and decided to let her walk for a while to see if that would help. Elena and Patrick and I walked over to a store across the way and looked at some toys. Elena looked as if she was trying to go and seemed to be in some pain. I kept her walking and finally it smelled like she went. So we went over to the food area to grab a diaper and I noticed that there was.....well, poop on the ground. It was a blow out. The biggest blowout of all time. On my shirt, in her sandals. It was pretty awful. I had to run her over the the bathroom and strip her down and wipe her down and rinse out her clothes and then she was finally feeling better and she had a couple french fries and crashed. It made her so tired that she was asleep for a while.
I definitely needed a picture under the Bakers field bakery sign.
We did a little shopping and Patrick got a very cool new sword. Then we headed out of California Adventures and took some pictures by the big letters.

Right as we were walking into Disneyland Mickey Mouse was standing right there and Patrick wanted to say Hi. Mickey seemed in a hurry and was practically running kids over to get where he needed to be.

We went and rode the Buzz Lightyear ride and then headed to Toon Town. Elena woke up and was feeling better so we checked out Mickey's house and Donalds house.

Playing Mickey's piano

Patrick and I went to take a look around while Daddy and Elena went to check out the toon cars.
He jumped in the fire truck
Then went to jail
We tried to lift this weight so hard that........
He slipped right under it
Then we headed over to the Tikki room and on the way Elena tried climbing out of the stroller and we didn't even see her but I heard her yelp and Jesús couldnt figure out why the stroller had stopped rolling, it was because Elena was under the wheel. She just got a little scratch on her back. It probably wasnt the happiest place on earth for her that day. She did love the Tikki room with all the singing birds. Jesús stood in line to get a pineapple float to take in with us but when we went into the room to save him seat they closed the doors, we were worried that they wouldnt let him in but he talked them into letting him in. Then we headed over to the Jungle cruise which the kids liked.
Mom and Sara went to ride Indiana Jones and we took the kids up into the Tarzan tree house. I had never been up there but it was kinda dumb.
Afterwards we over and rode Pirates of the Caribbean which terrified the kids. Then we waited for Mom and Sara to ride it. Then we walked over to Splash Mountain so Stephanie and I could ride it. Two years ago we were both pregnant and we waited out side the ride while Jesús and Cory rode it. This year was our turn. But Ben and Janae showed up and they stayed with Mom and Sara and our kids and Hannah and once again it was Jesús and I and Cory, Stephanie and Caleb. Caleb was so brave and he was laughing after the drop. Patrick probably would have been screaming bloody murder. After Splash mountain we headed over to the Finding Nemo. It was a 30 minute wait but I had promised Patrick we would ride it. It was fun so see the kids looking at the fish in the little windows. After that the park was closing so we headed to Main street to get Elena a souvenir. It wasnt the best trip but it had its fun parts. I hope we go again next year, things will go better next time.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Last week

We got served. We were served with a subpoena for the trial for the guys that stole our stuff. If it goes to a jury, we have to go to court. Are we allowed to throw rocks?

Then Patrick decided he wanted to be captain underpants. Isn't he fantastic??
Then it was hot so we had otter pops on the steps in the backyard.
Then today I bought an inflatable pool for the kids. Patrick couldnt wait and Elena had no idea why she was excited.
All she did was this
And this

But would you look at how stinkin' cute she is?!!! She does not like to get wet in cold water with any clothes on.
Then my tomato plants started sprouting a few tomatoes. Yeah! Ahh the fruits of my labors.
And my yellow squash started taking over.
Fun stuff right?