Saturday, May 15, 2010

I should blog about Mothers Day

Besides, I have one and I am one. My mothers day gifts were a new pair of sunglasses from Disneyland and a new iPhone. My phone stopped working which was frustrating because we have no home phone any more, just cell phones. Jesús and I had been debating which phone to get so one day we went to buy the phone I had picked out and after discovering all the new little fees they had add to newer phones, we decided that it would just be better to get the best phone out there. I love it. But other than that, I woke up on Sunday morning and Jesús made me a yummy breakfast and we got the kids ready for church. We all got roses brought to us by the young men in our ward while we sat in relief society, it was very sweet. After church we went to my Moms, luckily with Sara's schedule she was in town and got to celebrate with us. Mom got to play with the crazy kids while we made a yummy dinner. Mom got us all certificates to get pedicures which I desperately need. We made a flower pot with the kids hand prints on them and I planted some flowers in it. It was fun but next year I am going to think of something even better. She deserves the best.
I do have to say that being a Mother has been the biggest responsibility of my life, it has forced me to work harder than I ever have. Its all so worth it though. When I hold my kids at night I cant believe how much I love them and how much I would do for them. I am so proud to have been blessed by these two sweet spirits. Some days are hard to think that I don't get to have anymore and its hard to see everyone around me getting pregnant and having little tiny babies but then I look at my kids and realize that I am glad to just be here to experience all the little things that they do. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.


Connie de said...

I have the best.