Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Elena moments

Yesterday I was up early because we forgot to take the garbage can out and I had to run it across the street so it could be emptied. So I was up checking my email while the kids were sleeping. After a while I heard "Mommy?" coming from the green room with the white crib. I went and opened up the door and Elena gave me a sad pout. I lifted her from her crib and she said she wanted down. I set her on the floor and she immediately laid down to have her diaper changed. She was done having a wet bum. I guess from now on she will tell will be making the diaper decisions.

Today Elena fell asleep in the highchair. Again. I watched her for a minute picking at her string cheese with sleepy eyes. A moment later I looked back over to watch her drooping head. I cleaned her off and carried her off to her bed. I laid her down and tried to slowly pull my arm out from under her. She got woke up and got mad and said "No. Mine" she pulled my arm back under her and laid back down. I stood there for a minute trying to figure out how I could solve this without having to stand next to her crib for 2 hours. I grabbed Minnie Mouse and stuck her where my arm was and that solved it. She slept with Minnie's hat in her mouth.


Carla said...

Elena is so cute! I love how she would giggle after she jumped off the slide yesterday.

PS- You're lookin pretty hot these days! I'm jealous.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Well you are adorably cute and pregnant and I'm jealous. I haven't been feeling very hot these days so thank you.

Just The Three Of Us said...

Too cute! I love reading your posts!!