Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial day weekend

Memorial Day weekend turned out to be really fun. Sunday we went over to my Mom and Dads house which we dont do as often as we used to or should. I think its because we dont live as close and our ward gets out an hour earlier so the kids are usually napping and blah blah this Sunday we went. We hung out outside my parents garage and watched my dad put together a gardening wagon and ate popsicles. And Patrick really wanted to play in the trunk.Usually on Memorial day we go to see my brother Patricks grave. He died a day after he was born due to heart complications. We have gone there since I was a kid and we loved to run around the cemetery an look at all the stones. So we dropped off Jesus at home and met the Cory Randalls by Patricks grave and ate cookies. The kids had a good time except for the red ants which they kept finding and Patrick would scream bloody murder each time he thought they were on him. Hannah couldnt get enough of them and had some pretty swollen feet by the time we left.Jesús helped with College Heights pancake breakfast so we went over to partake.
It was a little sunny.
When we got home we cleaned up a bit then Jesús and I wanted to go rafting so we went down with David Bunting and Jason Phelps and the Juangs while Mom watched the kids. It was fun, I was nervous to be in a boat with just Jesús and David but at one point David jumped to our side of the boat and the front end was up in the air and we started spinning. It was awesome. I want to go down a lot this year. Afterwards, we went home and started cooking up a storm and we had a bunch of people over. The Colas, the Phelps, the Cory Randalls, the Jerry Randalls and David and Lindsey and Sarah showed up later.
All the kids loved playing in the water. Jesús went to Lowes that morning and bought a bunch of PVC pipe and made water tunnel/bike wash. The kids thought it was the greatest thing. I didnt get pictures of them playing, I was in the kitchen.
I was so glad that Mom and Dad came.
As the sun went down we all enjoyed sitting around talking.
This was the spread. We brought it inside because it turned out all the flies on the West coast came to enjoy our food.
Elena had so much fun with all the kids. I couldnt even catch a picture of Patrick, he was all over the place. Jason talked me into pulling out my big film camera and gave me some pointers. I'll post those when I get them on a disk.
Baby Mia was so cute and sweet.
Amber in all her glory
For some reason it took two people to change Hannahs diaper. We missed Stephanie, she got heat stroke after her dance class and wasn't feeling too well when she got to our house. She sat inside for awhile but it didnt help and she ended up going home.


Eric said...

Be really careful with letting kids in the trunks of cars! Too many tragedies where kids play hide and seek in the trunk of cars. OH and I like the picture of you eating the pop cycle.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

We were sitting with him the whole time. He has never done that before and I don't think I will let him do it again. It made me nervous.

Carla said...

Weird... I never noticed this post until now (guess that's what I get for not using google reader). Anyway, I never knew you had another brother. I didn't think it possible, but now your mom is even more awesome to me.

I want to go rafting as soon as I pop this baby out... you should go with me on my maiden voyage... we'll make Amber go too cause she's funny when she gets nervous.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

LOL!!!!!! I've already told her that I am going to make her go. I will totally go with you. When are you popping that baby out anyway? Get on with it!! I want to hold HER!! And yes my Mom is pretty amazing. I dont know how she survived such an ordeal but I know she is stronger than me.

Connie de said...

Not even...