Saturday, June 26, 2010

Killed 7 flies with one blow

Or more like killed hundreds of flies with one big ol' can of Raid!!!!
Ok so the other morning I woke up and went down stairs into the family room and this is what I found when I turned the light on. I thought "Now that is an awful lot of flies" So I went to grab the fly swatter. I had already killed ten or more the night before. As I walked back down stairs I saw a bunch on the other side of the window as well. So I opened the blinds and there were hundreds on the window. I almost threw up. It was the dirtiest thing I have ever seen. I closed the quarantined the family room and looked up how to kill a bunch of flies. One trick was to take a milk carton and add syrup and vinegar and punch some holes and let them kill themselves. I got about 3 that way. So then I headed out to Smart and Final to see what I could find there. I found a big can of Fly Raid and went home to start killing. I kept the door closed to the family room and turned the fans on and started spraying.

This was the result.

This is a scan along the sliding glass door. See how many??? It made me sick everytime I went down there. I was doing this for the next 3 days. Finally Jesus opened up the sliding glass door and we found where they had been hatching. In the track of the door. The weekend of Memorial day we didnt get our trash to the street in time for it to be emptied so it was really full from our bbq and we had to set our trash bags on the ground and we got a lot of flies. Well they must had laid eggs in the door and they all hatched at the same time. Nasty. We wont forget to take our trash out anymore!


Tenille Gates said...

Eww. I would DIE! Love the new blog look ;0)

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Thank you:)

Connie de said...

Make a new post.. this one is disgusting! One with cute pictures of your kids.