Friday, January 25, 2008

First Doctors appt.

Well, I went to my first doctors appt. yesterday. It was the busiest appt. ever. First I had to take Patrick over to Katy's house, who totally saved my life by babysitting ( we should really get those two kids together more). Any way, so as soon as I got to the doctors, I had to go drink that nasty orange stuff for my glucose test and then I had to go in for my doctors appt where she had to go through a whole list of stuff because I had a c-section last time and there are just some things I have to watch for this time. I did get a chance to ask all my questions though and even though I couldnt get an answer to all of them because they were more questions for the anesthesiologist. She said everything is looking good and I measuring perfect at 8 weeks. Any way, I had to back wait while for them to draw my blood for glucose test and a bunch or other things cuz they took 7 vials. BOOOOOO!!!!!!! I am always really nervous about getting blood drawn but the girls in the lab are always very good. So I made it. Next month I get to hear the heart beat and I am really excited because I want Patrick to hear it. He wont understand but it will make me feel good that he will be there.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just so everyone knows.....

I just thought that I should mention what a wonderful husband I have. Things have been really difficult with me having morning sickness all the time and having to take care of Patrick. I havent really had the desire to clean or pack boxes in anticipation for our upcoming move. Jesus has been absolutely fabulous. He had three days off this weekend and he took each day taking care of me and Patrick. He let me sleep in and he did laundry and cleaned the kitchen. And he didnt complain. I dont praise him enough for all he does but I really have the best husband and I am thankful for him everyday. I love him tons and I hope he knows that.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And the winners are...

As you all remember, two weeks ago I won the Pay It Forward and in turn I also have to pay it forward, so I have randomly selected 3 names (honest, I cut up little pieces of paper and put them in a bucket, Patrick is my witness) and the winners are Jill, Stephanie, and my Mom. Now Mom this means that you have to get your blog up and running to be able to pass this on so I will put your link on my blog so everyone can post. Now it may take a while for me to get out my "something specials" to the winners due the fact that we are moving and I have had some pretty bad morning sickness. But I promise I will try my darndest. Dont forget though, you have to pay it forward, its your responsibility now.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Even with all the caziness

Im not sure we have told everyone, but we are moving, again. We have lived in our nice apartment for almost two years this May, but since we are having another baby, we need a little bit more space. All of our closets are full of stuff that should be stored away and we barely have room for things that belong in closets, like clothes.
So we found this wonderful condo on the very East side of town. Almost to the canyon. And its the luckiest thing, we are one staircase over from my brother Cory and his wife Stephanie. Patrick will be closer to his cousin Caleb so they can play together all the time. We are also in walking distance of my Mom and Dad. We are so excited since I know I will need a little help when the baby is born. This way Mom doesnt need to drive all the way across town to help me.
But even with all the craziness Patrick is still as cute as ever and continues to entertain us. His newest thing is when you ask him a question he doesnt know, he will actually tell you "I dont know" and I think it is so cute. So I hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I won, I won, I won!!!

Thanks to Shannon Royer (Campbell), I won the Pay it Forward!!! Im so happy. I have wanted to be in some kind of pass it on through blogs thing, like the 6 or 7 facts about yourself that no one else would know but I guess everyone knows everything about me so know one has picked me yet. So now I have something to contribute!! I am so excited. Here's how it works. Anyone who posts a comment on my blog within the next two weeks, I will enter into a drawing for something special from me. I will choose only three. So come on, comment. I will let you all know on the 16th.