Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Oh Halloween...

So yesterday I finished Patricks costume. I decided that since he likes motorcycles so much, that he should be a motorcycle dude. So made I him a pleather vest and some chaps and we put a bandanna on his head and put on his cowboy boots. I also had to add a "Mom" tatoo on his sleeve. At first he didnt even want to put it on. I was so mad because I had worked all morning on it and I was afraid he would never wear it. Well we finally got it on him and he couldnt stop looking in the mirror. He kept calling himself a cool dude. Then last night for FHE we went over to our local pumpkin patch and let him get a pumpkin. It didnt have the fun jump houses or anything but he had fun with Caleb none the less.

Then today we got to premier his costume for our playdate party at church. He had a fun time running around with the kids. He so much wants to be apart of what the bigger kids are doing so he pretends that they are talking to him and asks what they are doing and watches them. When we were leaving, all the little girls were giving eachother hugs goodbye and he went up to one of them and tried to get a hug, but she didnt know what he was doing so she just stared at him and after a few seconds he turned around with a mad look on his face because she wouldnt hug him back. I felt so sad for him and wanted to give him a big ol' hug. I guess he doesnt play with a lot of kids his own age unless he's at church.

Well on our way home he said he wanted to go to another Halloween party so its a good thing we have another one on Friday. I also dressed up Elena in her bunny costume but she was getting too warm so it didnt stay on her long enough for pictures, but I will definitely get some up after halloween because she looked pretty dang cute.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crafty McCrafterson

Yep, thats me! I have been feeling super crafty lately. I made a blanket for my good friend Lindsey and even though it didnt turn out all that well, I did it all on my own. I didnt have a coach (Mom) looking over my shoulder and coming to my every agrivated grunt. That would have been really nice but I did it on my own. So after the blanket was done, I had to think of another baby gift to make for my friend Julie who will be induced next Tuesday and whos shower was Saturday. So I decided to make a diaper cake and this is the final product.So when the cake was done, I had extra flowers left over so I decided to make some hair bows.Then I had Minky left over from Lindsey's blanket so I decided not to waste it and use it to make these cute burp cloths.Then I was looking for butterflies for when we get a house and can make a nursery for Elena and I found these awesome butterflies that are gorgeous and I cant wait to hang them up.I think its the fact that I have a daughter and I get to see all the dresses and bows she can wear it makes me want to make fun things for her and I can make things for other people too. Who knew a tomboy could be so crafty??!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I will survive

My biggest question before Elena was born was, "How am I going to handle two kids?" Well for the first 6 weeks I had my Mom with me since I couldnt really get around and I wasnt able to lift Patrick. She was still accompanying me on major shopping trips or Jesus was since I hadnt had the opportunity to do it on my own yet. Well this week my mom is in Idaho and anything that I need to do, I have to do on my own. So yesterday, I needed to run a few errands and I packed up the kids and ventured out. I went 5 different places and then home again and both of my children were still alive and with me by the time we were done. So I have discovered that I can be the mother of two and I can actually still go out and do things that I normally did. I just need to do it early before they are both cranky.

Now, I have to apologize to my sweet husband for not blogging about his birthday. His birthday was on the the 10th, which was also the same day as Shannon Royers funeral so we were kind of sad for the most part of the day but we went out to dinner with good friends and he opened some good presents (I hope) of Legos Indiana Jones for the Wii and I framed his certificate from Cal state so he could hang it up in his office. Then I made him a Lemon Jello poke cake with white chocolate glaze. It was pretty tasty. Well anyway, I love you honey and I hope you had a wonderful birthday and I promise to make it a big blog next year!!

Here is a picture of Patrick who has to say cheese everytime the camera comes out. I also got some great pictures of Elena and one of both of them.

Sara got these pictures when she was here the weekend the girls were blessed.

I have to say, just like in my random 7 things, that I love Elena's belly button. Isnt it cute??
Here is her buddah belly, I love it!

Our cheesey self picture but finally a good one of both of us.

I bought these wings at a fabric/craft store and I really wanted her to wear them for pictures while she was on her stomach but they wont stay. So this is what I came up with instead. Isnt she pretty?

I finally got some pictures of her smiling. She loves to smile and talk to the ceiling and the fan.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What?? Ive been tagged??

Yes I was tagged by Papa Randy. Here are the rules: Write 7 random things about yourself.Tag 7 people at the end of your post. Pass on the tag. So here we go (I think I have done this one before so I am going to have to think of 7 more things, this is hard)
1. I love to be organized but I hate to organize. I am really good at doing other peoples organizing but not my own. I have no idea where to start and I take a really long time doing it so it doesnt seem worth it to me.
2. I never dated guys my age. One guy was 10 years older than me, another was 30 years older than me, and one guy was 3 or 4 years younger than me. Even Jesús is a year younger than me. What can I say? I like variety.
3. I like to make up stories in my head and talk them out when Im alone. Like meeting up with people that I havent seen in a really long time or some dream that I have always wanted to happen like getting a whole lot of money from someone in their Will.
4. I hate feet. I like my own but I hate other peoples feet. Even if they are pretty and soft, I dont like them and I dont want them touching me ever. EVER!!! Maybe its because I had a mean older brother that teased me used to throw his dirty socks in my face, BEN!
5. When I was inactive several years ago, my favorite hang out was a gay bar. Know why?? The dancing! I loved dancing. It was so much fun because I didnt know anybody and I didnt care what they thought. So no Im not gay but I love to dance, I did get hit on a couple times though(gross). I even got to see a couple of drag shows. They were hilarious and very embarrasing for the people that were in them. The funny thing was, they werent all men dressing up as women. Some of them were women just dressin up.
6. I like to make Elena's belly button talk. I dont know why but she has the cutest belly button ever and I love to make it talk.
7. I love body wash. I have so many bottles in my shower that Jesús gets mad because there isnt any where to stand. I buy more even when there is still some left in the other bottles just so I cant try a new one. If you ever want to get me a gift just buy me really good smelling body wash and I will love you forever.

So there you have it. I tag Mom, Brooke Johnson, Cortnie Potter, Carla Holsonbake, and Katy Nichols, Roxanna Caceres, and David or Lindsey Bunting(which ever updates the blog first). I better see a post in the next few days from all of you!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

6 in one day???!!!

Yes, today was fast Sunday and we had 6 baby blessings in one sacrament meeting. It was madness. But today was also Elena's blessing day. She was blessed the same day as her cousin Hannah so it was a special day. Here is our first family picture that we have taken and we are all happy. I love it.We also got cute pictures of the baby girls in their blessing dresses. They werent happy for long and they kept falling onto eachother so this is as good as it gets. Sara got better ones I hope.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Welcome Welcome Sabbath Morning

Well, we planned on getting up this morning and heading to my Mom and Dads to watch general conference, but instead we woke up and Jesus checked his messages and he had received a message from the owner of the Mini Storage where his truck was parked in front of by Mesa Marin and we were told that the windows of his truck had been smashed. So we took Patrick to my Moms house and went to the truck and this is what we found.

We talked to the police officer and he said that it was most likely some drunk guys that threw some full beer cans and rocks at the truck. He was able to pull some prints off the beer cans so hopefully they have a record and will get caught for being so stupid.
Well when we finally got to my moms, I checked my email and found that my very good friend Shannon Royer/Campbell had passed away. I love her so much and am going to miss her terribly. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this difficult time and especially with Paul.
Then these are just some picture that we have taken that I wanted everyone to see.

Aunt Sara bought Elena this way cute swim suit and we wanted to try it on her since it probably wont fit by next summer.
We also got this way cute picture of both the baby girls together. These cousins are not quite 3 weeks apart. How cute are they????
I got this fun picture of me and the kids finally except that I am in my jammies and my hair isnt done and I have no make up on.

This is an adorable picture of Patrick and Elena getting ready for the day.
Then I got these pictures of me and my babies.
And last but not least, have you ever wondered what $$$$100,000 dollars looks like in cash?? Well here it is. My dad was out of town for a business trip and his client paid him a hundred thousand in cash in a white cloth bag in the parking lot. How drug gangster movie is that??? Well Mom got a picture of it so we could all see it.