Sunday, October 5, 2008

Welcome Welcome Sabbath Morning

Well, we planned on getting up this morning and heading to my Mom and Dads to watch general conference, but instead we woke up and Jesus checked his messages and he had received a message from the owner of the Mini Storage where his truck was parked in front of by Mesa Marin and we were told that the windows of his truck had been smashed. So we took Patrick to my Moms house and went to the truck and this is what we found.

We talked to the police officer and he said that it was most likely some drunk guys that threw some full beer cans and rocks at the truck. He was able to pull some prints off the beer cans so hopefully they have a record and will get caught for being so stupid.
Well when we finally got to my moms, I checked my email and found that my very good friend Shannon Royer/Campbell had passed away. I love her so much and am going to miss her terribly. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family at this difficult time and especially with Paul.
Then these are just some picture that we have taken that I wanted everyone to see.

Aunt Sara bought Elena this way cute swim suit and we wanted to try it on her since it probably wont fit by next summer.
We also got this way cute picture of both the baby girls together. These cousins are not quite 3 weeks apart. How cute are they????
I got this fun picture of me and the kids finally except that I am in my jammies and my hair isnt done and I have no make up on.

This is an adorable picture of Patrick and Elena getting ready for the day.
Then I got these pictures of me and my babies.
And last but not least, have you ever wondered what $$$$100,000 dollars looks like in cash?? Well here it is. My dad was out of town for a business trip and his client paid him a hundred thousand in cash in a white cloth bag in the parking lot. How drug gangster movie is that??? Well Mom got a picture of it so we could all see it.


Papa Randy said...

$100,000. Wow that will make a lot of unsavory character come out of the woodwork. Is that money still at you dad’s house? How long will he have it? Is it under the mattress or under the bed? Do they have a safe? What’s the combination of their safe? Does your parents have an alarm? When will he be taking it out again? Was it unmarked bills? Can they be traced? Oh I was just curious.

Mrs. Schmalison said...

Yeah, I wanted to know the same answers after I found out. Unfortunately he took it straight to the office the next day to be deposited into the bank.

Connie de said...

Randy, your dark side is showing...No it is not at our house anymore. We're spending it ...opps I mean depositing it a little every week so it can't get traced...

Ashley and Nate said...

Ha ha. Your family is funny. (i just read the comments.) Sorry about Jesus's truck! How lame. I hope they catch them.
Thanks for telling me about those websites. I will definitely check them out.

Mike said...

Wow ... this post covered a lot of happenings ... 1st the truck ... that sucks - people are so stupid. Then the cute family pics ... love them ... and then the $$$ WOW - I would like some of that plz !! Thanks for the header - it looks great ... I love and miss you girl.

The Potter Pack said...

Hey ... this is Cortnie - I didn't realize Mike was still logged on. I fixed it !!

Johnsons Away said...

Your family cracks me up. I'm sorry about your truck and your friend. Those pictures are way cute and you look great even without you hair done or makeup on. That is a lot of money and that is so funny that he paid him in cash like that.

the5firds said...

Sorry about your friend and the truck. Your family is soo cute! And what kind of clients is Jerry working with these days??

Miss you!
The Standifirds in Denver